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Alif Episode-6 Review: Qalb e Momin is facing some real life challenges

Unlike typical love stories and intrigues, Alif is one thought-provoking drama serial based on a human relationship with the Divine. The word Alif denotes the Almighty Allah with whom every human is connected in a unique way, the play seems to celebrate that unique connection. Beautifully penned down by veteran writer Umaira Ahmed, the play is based on her novel with the same title. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly are outdoing their roles with their brilliant performances.

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The episode begins when Qalb e Momin is throwing his press release party about his upcoming flick. Neha is more than happy on the occasion that his boyfriend Zulfi will be in the male leads of the film, she is so dead sure that Momin can never say no to her, but she gets the shock of her life when Momin on the stage calls Sofia and introduces her as her wardrobe head which Neha always used to be and then he introduces his film leads which are Abbas and Shelly but not Zulfi! Neha and Zulfi walk out of the press in a very angry mood.


Momina is trying her best to get out of this shock, she wants to cry but she cannot, she feels as if nothing is left for her after brother’s death. She has seen her father crying badly and then her mother hysterically asking her not to go to America. She is passing through a very difficult phase of his life, she has to go to shoot for her film. She goes to Master Sahab where she tries to cry her heart out.


Neha in a very furious range goes at Momin’s place and says that he is being jealous of her relationship with Zulfi on which he says he damn care. He says that she is nothing but a girl whose sole achievement is that she worked for Momin on which she says that she will see when his pride gets vanished, and she will wait to see his downfall. She throws the ring on him and goes away but then she releases the news of her and Zulfi’s engagement and also leaks Momin’s private pics on the internet. However it has affected Momin but currently, he is facing other challenges in his life which are disturbing him more.


While in the pre-production sessions, discussing the script with the writer, Momin gets extremely disturbed when the writer mentions that he wants to make his story based on the actress Husan e Jahan. He snubs the writer and tells him that he does not want to work with him anymore. He is so disturbed that he plans to take some days off and visit Turkey to meet his dada. It seems that Momin is fighting his inner turmoil. He is failing to hate his mother.

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