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Alif Episode-8 Review: Qalab e Momin challenges his Dada that he will make a film on spirituality

Momina and Faisal get engaged.

Alif Episode-8 ReviewIn this episode Qalab e Momin challenges his Dada that he will make a film on spirituality - OyeYeah

The drama serial Alif makes one question his or her connection with the Almighty. Penned down by the veteran writer Umera Ahmed, Alif is a thought-provoking drama serial that is based on two main characters Qalab e Momin and Momina and their struggles and connection to the divine.

Qalab e Momin is talking on the phone cursing the writer and Neha for creating troubles for him and also he is planning how to defame his rival’s film, his dada is hearing all this and this is making him sad. He questions him that is he his same Qalab e Momin who used to have such a kind heart that he used to help injured birds and pave ways for others. The person who used to have no rivals and now what he has done to himself? He tells him that he has given the writer fame and respect and now what he is doing with him? On which his dada said only Allah gives respect and fame not him. This materialistic life will never bring any peace to him. Momin says that he is saying this to him because he thinks of him as an inferior man who does not know about spirituality.


Momina is offered to get replaced for a bigger role in the film but she refuses when she comes to know that it has some intimate scenes. She happily returns from Lahore. Her mother tells him that Faisal has called her. Later Faisal and his mother come at her house and asks for Momina’s hand and also she gives some money to Momina. Momina is really happy to get her love back she is thinking of him as her reward. Momina’s mother tells her that she is leaving acting. On which Momina has reservations as she has to pay off debts.


Qalab e Momin gets disturbed from what his dada has said to him that his films are only about lust. He challenges his Dada that he will show him that he can also make a film on spirituality! He will come back to him when he will make a hit film on spirituality. His Dada laughs on it and says if he will do that he will leave his calligraphy and if he fails to do that he has to leave film making and have to start doing calligraphy.


Momina and Faisal have an argument where Faisal is saying that he cannot let her carry her acting career after marriage and he further tells her that her mother and father will leave their careers too. Momina says that if they will stop earning then how will they eat. Faisal says that he will support them on which Momina says that she will not like that and also that she is trapped in debts. She says that her hands are working so she can support her family on which Faisal bluntly says that for acting she does not use her hands she only earns by showing off her face and body which has disturbed Momina.


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