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Alif Second Last Episode Review: Momin is blaming himself for breaking his parent’s relationship

Alif, One of the classiest and thought-provoking drama serial of Geo Entertainment is about to end, and the thought of one of our most favorite primetime watch coming to its end is making us sad. It is indeed a wonderful project, brilliantly penned down by Umaira Ahmed and well-executed. Sajal Aly, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Kubra Khan including other cast have given incredible and memorable performances in the play.

The episode begins when Sultan is narrating Momina the story of how he planned the fake death of Husan e Jahan on her demand. Husan e Jahan pleads him that he will tell the world that she has committed suicide so that she can live in Turkey with Momin and for that, she has made a solid plan which Sultan obediently executes with help of his wife Suraiyya. Husan e Jahan successfully escapes with the help of Surraiyya’s Burqa.

The writer has brilliantly portrayed Sultan’s selfless yet passionate love, he is ready to take any blame on himself without having an expectation or anything in return. His one-sided love is so pure that it has startled Momina that how her parents went to that extent only to help Husan e Jahan, she is just trying to imagine the intensity of Sultan’s Love. Sultan says that he can do anything for Husan e Jahan. He tells Momina that she married again somewhere but he does not have the heart to ask with whom she got married with.

Momina visits Qalam e Momin, she has brought with her letters of Husan e Jahan which Sultan thinks  are going to help Momin in rewriting Husan e Jahan’s story. Momin is shattered, the guilt that he is the actual reason behind his parent’s separation is gradually eating him up. Momina tries to console him, telling him that he was merely an innocent child but Momin is not ready to forgive himself.

Momina asks Momin with whom his mother was married on which Momin says that he never knew that, but now it seems that he has any idea who he is. He names Master Ibrahim which shocks Momina as his Ustaad always used to mention his late wife. Momina is wondering how these bits and pieces are joining together to form one big picture and she is not even aware of this fact. She visits Master Ibrahim and she asks him why he has not told about Husan e Jahan before? Why he has kept her hidden on which he utters his famous lines that every secret is an “Amanat” and it should be revealed on its time.

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