Anaa Episode 14 Review: Areesh is furious

Anaa the drama serial which has been set in the beautiful scenic Northern areas has on aired its 14th episode. The drama serial so far with its unique story line, amazing performances and scenic locations has succeeded in being one of the most popular prime watch. Besides Shehzad Shaikh and Hania Aamir, Usman Mukhtar and Naimal Khawar’s incredible performances has also won audience’s hearts in Anaa.

So what went on in the recent episode of Anaa, lets find out.

The story has somehow become slow paced, as things are still the same. Areesh still passionately loves Daneen and Daneen despite of denying it cannot deny the fact that her heart still beats for Areesh.T he attempts by Nashwa to vilify Daneen’s character in front of Areesh has miserably failed in fact it has made Areesh even more close to Daneen.

During one of the meetings Areesh notices marks on Daneen’s arm and inquires about it. However, Daneen conveniently changes the topic. Daneen is being subjected to physical torture by Saif and that is something that might fuel Areesh’s anger.

Izza on the other hand is hurting Altamash’s feelings by ignoring him. She tells her cousin Kabeer that she hates Altamash and Altamash overhears. Altmash refuses Nazia that he cannot marry Izza as Izza does not want that. On the other hand Izza’s father wants Izza to marry her cousin Kabeer. Well Izza right now does not want to get in any kind of relationship. Only time will tell how the triangle pans out for Altamash, and Izza and how does Kabir fit in the picture.

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Areesh on Daneen’s directions has started being kind to his wife. Moreover she takes his wife’s side when Nashwa tries to complain to him about her. Despite of his father’s being supportive to Nashwa, Areesh supports his wife in front of all and then he further refuses to pressurize Altamash for marrying Nashwa, and he furthermore tells Aania not to force his brother. The news of Azam not living in Shergharh has reached to Ghazanfar and he celebrates it and sends a basket of sweets along with the note which has upsets Nazia.

Well Areesh once again notices the marks on Daneen’s hands and he realizes what it could be. He is extremely furious on Saif and he shares his anger with Daneen too. Despite of Daneen’s warnings he expresses his anger and attacks Saif by hitting his car to his car. Saif has seen Areesh and he shares this with Daneen and his mother that he has been attacked by Areesh! Now will this attack will bring more problems and complications in Daneen’s life?

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