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Aana Episode 17 Review: Saif gets to know about Daneen and Areesh’s meetings

Saif will never divorce Daneen ever


Anaa one of our most favorite Prime time watch with its unique story line and incredible performances, has released its 17th Episode and the story has now come with with many twists and turns. Following Areesh and Daneen’s secret meetings Saif has come to know about their secret relationship and Daneen has already confessed her feelings for Areesh. On the other hand things between Altamsh and Izza have been getting worse.

So what went down in this week’s episode?

Suspicious about Daneen’s activities and of her being so happy, Saif  finds its all out of the ordinary. He even discusses with his mother who puts everything aside saying she should be happy.


Things are getting uglier on Altamash and Izza’s side, Altamash is behaving weird after what Izza said to him at his place. It is also shown that Altamash is very enthusiastically seeing Nashwa.  He also lied to Izza when he plans to meet Nashwa and upon finding out, Izza is definitely hurt.


Izza knows that she likes Altamasgh too but still she pretends that she is not being hurt and it does not make any difference to her. Moreover her cousin Kabeer also feeds her mind against Altamash that she should avoid him. Izza and Altamash meet in a party and Izza congratulates Altamash for getting engaged which startles him a bit.


Daneen in the party, in front of all confesses her feelings for Areesh but apparently it seems like she is saying all this for her husband, but everyone who know about Areesh and her relationship realize her true intent. Saif snubs Daneen badly in private and Daneen confesses that she still loves Areesh and meets him and moreover she does not want to live with him but Saif says that he will never divorce her.

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