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Anaa Episode 18 Review: Is Areesh double timing Daneen and Aania?

Aania is expecting and Areesh seems to be happy with her


We actually went WTH upon finding out how Aania was expecting Areesh’s child while he was busy seeing Daneen. Like how is that even possible when Areesh told Daneen straight that he had no interest in her from the first day of their wedding. But then we see Aania pregnant. Now that’s something new and very stereotypical of this society, where a man continues to enjoy the closeness of his wife, while not really being interested in her and meeting his old flame all the time.

So what went on in this episode of Anaa, lets read on to find out.

The episode begins when Daneen loses her control in the party and recites a ghazal for Areesh in front of all. Well apparently it seems that she is saying that poetry for her husband but in real it is all for Areesh and Saif knows that! He snubs her afterwards and tells her that he will not divorce her as he does not want to ruin his image in politics and further more her phone will be tapped and all her activities will be strictly scrutinized. Saif also calls Daneen’s father and family and misbehaves with them. Daneen’s father snubs Daneen and does not show any support for her, apologizing from Saif’s mother.


Well the person who has lit the entire fire, Areesh, is unaware of this situation. Areesh gets to know that Aania is expecting and the whole family is celebrating this news. Areesh seems happy about the prospect of becoming a  father. Izza visits Daneen and tells her about Areesh that he will soon become a father, the news shocking Daneen to the core. She calls him through Izza’s number and asks him about it. Areesh ensures her that he has not left her and will soon take her out of the mess but Daneen seems hurt by hearing the news about his baby.


Areesh seems like as if he is ditching Daneen as when Aania inquires about Daneen from Areesh he tells her that he does not want to be with her and that he has started liking Aania now. However Aania advices hi, not to leave Daneen like that in the middle of no-where. Altamash is also mad at Izza for supporting Daneen that he says that he does not want to open any account in the bank she works for.


While Aania, Areesh, Nashwa and Altamash are dining out in a club discussing Altamash and Nashwa’s wedding, Izza arrives out of no where. Izza snubs Areesh for leaving Daneen like that and for making fake promises with her, Altamash tries to intervene but Izza is really in bad mood, Aania intervenes and she promises that Areesh will help out Daneen in it despite of her brother’s opposition.

One wonders if Aania is confused because earlier she went to Daneen to ask her to leave Areesh for her and now she has promised that Areesh will help out Daneen? Does being pregnant with Areesh’s child give her the sense of security she was lacking earlier? Well we’ll have to tune in to Anaa to find out next.

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