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Anaa Episode 27 Review: Daneen survives despite of all odds

Seems like Anaa too is nearing its closure since the story line is showing more and more developments every week.  This week we saw a resolute Daneen survive all odds and Altamash calling off Izza’s nikkah with Kabeer. While Hania Aamir and Shehzad Shaikh have been delivering spot on performances its Usman Mukhtar’s and Naimal Khawar’s chemistry what people most love about the play.

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The episode begins with Ghazanfar getting mad hearing about Daneen’s survival. It has also come clear that Ania, who we all were considering as a sweetheart, had sided with Ghazanfar in kidnapping Daneen. However, now it seems that Ania is feeling guilty on her conduct and she is truly praying for her survival. She knows that if anything happens to Daneen she is not going to forgive herself.

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Kabir, Izza’s cousin is now showing off his true colors, he is such a mean and cheap person that he starts vilifying Izza’s character in front of her father so that he can brainwash his mind and manipulate it according to his own interest. He’s almost successful when Altmash intervenes and ruins all his plans. Izza’s father is forcefully marrying off Izza with Kabir as he thinks that her daughter is now out of his hands.


However, before Izza’s nikkah, her father overhears her telling her mother how she loves her father more than she loves Altamash and that melts his heart a bit.

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At the time of the nikkah ceremony Altamash enters introducing himself as the bride’s witness. Izza is persistent to go ahead with the wedding but it is her father who tells her that she can say no if she wants to. She does, and then ensues a courtship Altamash and Izza’s fans had been waiting anxiously to see.


On the other hand, Nashwa is now mad on Altamash rejecting her. She even threatens Altamash that she’ll get Ania divorces and that she’ll be thrown out of the house, snatching her child (who is yet to arrive) but nothing bothers Altamash at all.

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We’re waiting to see where this all is headed, will Daneen bounce back and will Altamash be moved to consider Nashwa for Ania’s sake. Here’s waiting to see what will happen in Anaa over the next few episodes.

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