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Anaa Episode 28 Review: Daneen leaves Areesh for good

Egos and misunderstandings destroy lives and relationships and that’s exactly what Anaa has been trying to show its audiences since day one. However, if we be honest then apart from the Izza and Altamash story line the rest of the drama has become a bit bore and it being dragged unnecessarily, especially Daneen and Areesh who seem to be both going around in circles.

So what went on in this week’s episode of Anaa, read on to find out;

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Daneen knows the fact that Aania has trapped her and she is the person behind her kidnapping but despite of the fact and also that she truly loves Areesh, she thinks that it is not right to ruin someone’s family. Aania is pregnant and expecting his baby and Daneen just cannot spoil all their happiness for her ownself so she makes up her mind to leave Areesh for good.


Izza and Alatamsh have an argument where Altamash thinks that Daneen is a very selfish and self centered girl who only thinks about her own happiness which has offended Izza so much so that she does not want to meet him despite of knowing the fact that Altamash’s feelings for Daneen are kind of natural as he is Aania’s brother.


Daneen looks so pure and innocent when she calls her father, it is one emotional and intense scene where Daneen asks forgiveness from her father and promises that she will not do anything like that again in life which will bring shame to him or to the family name. She wants to spend rest of her life with her father and she is leaving Areesh for good. Daneen’s father thoroughly listens to her side of story but never utters a single word he is thanking Allah for guiding Daneen on the right path.

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Her mind set, Daneen deliberately tries to pretend to be cheap and mean in front of Areesh by saying that she hates his family and by marrying him she will  take her revenge. She deliberately talks ill about Areesh’s family and Aania so that it can distance Areesh from her.


Well Nashwa and her portrayal of the character seems a bit unrealistic and is perhaps unbelievable. I mean the kind of the culture she is living in, she has the audacity to challenge her own father and misbehave with him, clearly challenging him that nobody can dare to think that she will let Areesh have all the family property! Her current character is not gelling well with her previously portrayed character. Well the evil Nashwa has some really deadly plans cooking in her head and we’re waiting to see what happens next.

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