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Anaa Episode 3 Review: Daneen and Areesh’s relationship isn’t easy at all!

Hania Aamir is finally back on the small screen with Anaa and her chemistry is absolutely sizzling with Shehzad Sheikh. Anaa is a drama that definitely pulls you towards it not only because of its story or performances but also because of its gorgeous setting.

Anaa is based on a life long grudge and hard feelings between two families and their affect on the life of Daneen (Hania Aamir), the protagonist of the play. The play is beautifully penned down by Sameera Fazal and well directed by Shahzad Kashmiri. 

So what happened in this week’s episode, ready on to find out.

The episode begins when Daneen introduces her friend Eza to Altamash and then there is a flashback where Eza and Altamash already had quite an unpleasant conversation before. Although both Eza and Altamash’s reactions seem a bit overdone, we have a feeling they’ll definitely be attracted towards each other, because opposites always attract.


On the other hand it seems like Eza has also won hearts of others including Dadi and then we see in a scene that she goes to her Nana’s bedroom that her Nana recognizes her and hands her a ring! Defying all odds, Daneen happily gets engaged with Areesh. Altamash is inquisitive and wants to find out more about Eza and hence ends up searching her on Google.


Daneemnon the other hand shifts to Areesh’s place where Dadi is training her to become an ideal Bahu. Well Chacha has not approved of her yet. She is allowed to visit her house for an hour or two. We also see that the curious Altamash meets Eza in a restaurant! Well one wonders how come Altamash manages to get her cell number or how after all that bitter conversations Eza gets ready to even talk with him. Altamash tells her that he has learned all about her and that what her mother has done to the family will never be forgotten. Eza tells him that she visits that house just because he want to meet her Nana and see him for once. Well Altamash seems convinced and softened and later texts her that he is going to keep her secret safe with him.


Daneen’s driver sees Nazia when he is dropping Eza at her house and tells about it to Daneen’s father, who then visits his sister and tells her that their father is not well and misses her a lot. Nazia with her husband and daughter visits her father and he forgives them but right at that moment Dadi and Chacha come along with Daneem. They are bit furious to see Nazia but Dadi has controlled her emotions. Chacha is extremely furious, he walks out of that room, he is extremely mad to see Nazia and on the fact that she is forgiven. He says that he wants to break the engagement despite of Dadi’s scoldings. He asks Daneen to leave his family for Areesh! Daneen says she won’t and puts a condition that if Areesh wants to marry her he has to do the same!

Hania Aamir brings across a breath of fresh air as Daneen; headstrong, beautiful and a bit immature. We were begining to miss heroines like her and a bit tired of those calm and calculated women we’ve been seeing on screen. Naimal Khawar is not only beautiful but immensely talented as well, with Shehzad Sheikh in the lead you have an engaging drama in Anaa.

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