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Anaa episode 5 review : Areesh has broken Daneen’s heart

The drama serial Anaa, a story of life long grudges between the two families and their repercussions is garnering a good response on prime time. Hania Aamir and Shehzad Sheikh’s lead pairing has been appreciated much by the audience because of its beautiful setting and a rather different story. Hania Aamir’s role as the lovely and emotional Daneen is a real treat to watch and so is Shehzad Shaikh’s mature Areesh. We are also drooling over Usman Mukhatar’s   angry young man Altmash, because he carries the role with so much ease. 

The episode begins when Daneen herself is arranging her own wedding! She is in a haste to get married as soon as possible as she wants to attend Areesh’s wedding with her husband! She thinks that Safeer is the best option available to her. He is a widower and around 15 years older than her. Despite Daneen’s father strong opposition she wants this to happen! Deep inside she is hoping that this news about her engagement will trigger Areesh’s feelings for her and he will come back to her as according to her Areesh deeply loves her too.


Well it seems like poor Daneen is mistaken. Her call to Areesh is such a heart touching and heart breaking scene where Daneen is begging Areesh to come back to her and also that she is ready to apologize to his family. She begs him but Areesh has become hard hearted and refuses to come to saying that its all over and its for good. Daneen and Safeer’s conversation too is very heartbreaking and intense where they both have decided that their relationship is going to be a compromise and Safeer is ready to accept her as his wife if she will realize that she will never get his love as no one can replace his first wife and he will always accept her feelings for Areesh!


We also had a number of scenes for Altamash and Izza in this episode and we simply love to see them together! Yes that love-hate couple has some scenes where Altmash in his usual way shows her attitude and even grabs her hand. He definitely has some feelings for Izza because he desperately wants to clear her misunderstanding about him being responsible for Areesh and Daneen’s breakup.


It seems like Areesh’s father hates Daneen and his family intensely and when Dada Saab wants to see his sister, Areesh’s Dadi and his father are not ready to meet him and he misbehaves with Daneen. They hate Daneen for no reason and Areesh’s father insults Daneen badly. One wonders what her mistake of Daneen? Why do they think she deserves this sort of a behavior.

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