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Anaa Episode 7 Review: Areesh is really regretting his decision

Nazia Phupo is now intent upon revenge


The exquisite love story which is now meeting tragic consequences because of the life long grudges between the two families Anaa on aired its 7th Episode. Hania Aamir’s performance as a headstrong and an egoist Daneen adds life to the play, while Shehzad Sheikh looks classy with his mature looks. However, we for one are in love with the indifferent Altamash, played by Usman Mukhtar, whose presence in the drama just adds a lot of oomph to Anaa.

The episode begins when Daneen learns that Saif has consulted Areesh’s father before making his wedding decision and it has made her really sad. She was thinking that she had made her own decision for life but Saif being influenced by Areesh’s father has really let her down. However, Daneen’s disappointment really doesn’t matter to Saif because he married her to gain his materialistic needs, a support for his mother and a wife to maintain his reputation as a politician.


Well one wonders why Izza meets Altamash when she dislikes him so much? Yes she especially calls Altamash to meet him at a Cafe just because she wants to get know that if they are in the guest list of Areesh’s wedding or not ? Well it seems quite a childish thing to do and Altmash saying that he won’t tell anybody about it sounds so cute.


Nazia is now intent to avenging herself and Daneen from her own aunt. She is the one who is training Daneen for the revenge game too. She advices her that she must go to Areesh’s wedding and also that she should wear her wedding dress! Despite of Izza’s disapproval of this idea, Daneen follows her Phupho’s instructions and attends the wedding wearing her wedding dress!


Well Daneen wearing her wedding dress has done its magic! Areesh cannot take his eyes off from Daneen. He regrets hard about losing the love of his life. Altamash is observing him closely and one really feels bad about Aania. Altmash calls Izza to stop Daneen but then when Izza tells him that she does not listen to her, he plans to call off the wedding. However, since Areesh’s family wants his sister married off to Altamash, they will not let this happen at any cost.

So what will happen now? Will Altamash really call of the wedding? And if so, will there ever be a chance for Daneen and Areesh to be together, ever?

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