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Anaa Episode 9 Review: Daneen is trying to adjust with Saif

Anaa, the exquisite drama serial,  has been now our favorite prime time watch due to its amazing performances by Hania Aamir, Shehzad Shaikh, Usman Mukhtar and others. Also apart from its intense and rather engaging plot, the beautiful scenic settings of the play have been playing a key role as its attraction. Anaa very artfully depicts how ego and life long grudges come between relationships and can destroy lives forever. So what happened in this week’s episode of Anaa? Read along to find out. The episode begins when Aania is being schooled by Dadi and Areesh’s father for visiting Daneen. They tell her that Daneen will now use this visit against Aania but deep inside she knows that Daneen is not going to do any such thing. Moreover Aania shares this with Areesh who is curious to know what was Daneen’s reaction when Aania talked about him with her? Aania is hurt to know that Areesh is still eager to know about Daneen’s reaction and when Aania tells him that she said that she will try her best to forget Areesh it brings sad and disappointing expressions on his face which is making Aania even more sad.


Well it seems so strange that Areesh calls Daneen to meet her and she comes, despite of the promise she made with Aania and despite of knowing her own current status. However, the meeting isn’t at all a romantic date but to clear out the things between them. Daneen makes clear that she will soon forget him and will make him love Aania as Aania does not deserve this. Areesh says that she will never ever forget him nor he will be ever able to forget her in his life. Well Altamash spots Areesh and warns him strictly.


Well the love-hate scenes between Altamash and Izza are still entertaining but without any context. The handsome full of attitude Altamash claiming his rights over that pretty Izza, we love the way he shows his concern for Izza be it sending her soup  or taking her away from the job he thinks is not suitable for her and then offering her job in his own office.


However, since Izza’s cousin has now entered the scneraio, we feel something is going to change between Altamash and Izza. Another possible turn will be the pressure which Aania and her in-laws will possibly put on Altamash for marrying Nashwa.  Areesh is extremely mad over Aania about Altamash threatening him. On the other side Daneen has clearly told her phupho that she will not be party against anything regarding Aania. She is now seriously trying to adjust with Saif. Will she really going to forget Areesh ?

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