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Azmaish Episodes 1-18 Over Review: The play is based on Cinderella theme, on step-sister rivalry

ARY Digital drama serial Azmaish is a take-on-step sibling rivalry. The script is penned down by Sameena Ijaz and it is directed by Fajar Raza. Azmasish has Fahad Sheikh, Yashma Gill, Kinza Hashmi in the leading cast alongside Shahood Alvi, Laila Wasti, Minsa Malik, Furqan Qureshi, and Gul-e-Rena in pivotal roles. The play is based on the Cinderella theme, but rather being a classic Cinderella the protagonist of the play is about a modern Cinderella who is struggling hard instead of dreaming, to come out of her misery.

The story is based on step-sister rivalry, Tufail (Shahood Alvi) after the demise of his beloved wife, married a poor helpless divorcee Almas who had her own daughter Nimra. Almas has proved herself to be the exemplary stepmother of Tufail’s daughters from his first wife Shiza and Samreen but these two extremely proud and pampered girls never accepted Almas as their mother in fact they do not spare any moment to insult and belittle her stepmother and step sister Nimra.

Poor Nimra is so much deprived of love and care that our heart goes out for her. Tufail never treated her like her own daughter, he is been too strict and cold to her and in fact, whenever he gets a chance he does not shy away to demean and belittle her. Poor Nimra has never seen her father’s love, her own father was a gambler whom her mother has left. Nimra is so much deprived that even her own mother hardly gets any time for her because all the time she is consumed in serving the thankless girls who give nothing but insults in return. One feels so bad for Almas why she chooses such a pathetic life for herself and her daughter? she could raise her daughter well on her own, every courageous woman can!

Basit is the protagonist or the hero of the play. He is a thorough gentleman, all good we have seen that he has currently been in quite an inescapable position but he is not hopeless, and most importantly like other contemporary heroes he is not spineless. His situation is not different than Nimra but still, he manages to make his point, and most importantly he is Tufail’s favorite boy. We have seen that he had to marry Shiza in haste but he is trying his best to carry his relationship despite Shiza’s misbehavior.

It is shown earlier that Basit has feelings for Nimra, in fact before marrying Shiza he is in love with Nimra. Shiza brilliantly played by Yashma Gill is the antagonist of the play, she has never accepted Basit in fact she demands a divorce from him. We are of the view that he is carrying his marriage patiently just because he wants to keep his Tufail sir happy but at the ending scene of the latest episode we have seen Basit thinking loudly to himself that he is bearing all this just because of Nimra and her mother.

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