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Baddua Episode-13 Review: Junaid out of nowhere turns into a very nice person

Affan's wedding smoothly happens which Junaid couldn't attend

Baddua Episode-13 ReviewBaddua Episode-13 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Baddua the drama serial airing at Ary Digital is one interesting fast-paced story. Performances are on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Junaid is giving Abeer a tough time and it seems that as if Abeer is paying for all her wrongdoings but in this episode, Junaid out of nowhere turns into a very nice person.

Junaid’s sudden change in his behavior is not going well with his character and it is not believable at all. The compulsive flirt turns into such a caring and nice person just because a single incident is not making any sense at all, it happens when his girlfriend tells his wife that she damn cares about Junaid, he lives or dies it is not her headache. This small sentence has changed Junaid’s life and character!

Neelum and Affan’s chemistry looks so cute together and we are just rooting for them. I have watched the whole episode fearing that Junaid might come and will ruin their lovely relationship but Thank God they have saved this after their marriage. It is so good to see Neelum liking Affan and being happy she deserves all happiness and is the best person in her life, Affan is certainly her perfect match.

Abeer’s selfless devotion and care are finally acknowledged by Junaid after that girlfriend incident. Athar Bhai’s wife is expecting a child and the whole family is rejoicing this happiness. Junaid is getting better but still, he needs rest. Umair is not sparing Abeer he is after her and he has made up his mind to teach her a lesson. He calls her all the time and the worst is that he starts following her car in presence of Athar bhai and Junaid. Abeer is really worried that he will create a problem for her, she calls him and requests him not to bug her anymore.

Affan is busy with his wedding preparations and fortunately, Junaid is injured so he is not able to attend his wedding otherwise he would have stopped him from marrying Neelum. Anyways Affan’s wedding smoothly happens and he happily weds Neelum. It is so good to see them happy together. I wish whatever will happen Affan always remain at Neelum’s side. It will be out of Affan’s character if he starts doubting his wife on someone’s feeding. Junaid confesses to Abeer that he has started loving her and also he vows to live a happy life with her.

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