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Baddua Episode-15 Review: Abeer’s reality is revealed in front of Junaid

Baddua the drama serial running at ARY Digital is 15 episodes down. The performances are on point and the story has taken a big turn in this episode. In the previous episode, we have seen that Junaid comes to know that Neelum is now Affan’s wife. In this episode through Affan’s Chachi and Junaid comes to know Abeer’s reality how she has flirted with Mohsin which eventually had led to his suicide.

Affan’s attitude is not going well with his character, he has started doubting his wife thinking that she still has feelings for Junaid. Affan is reserved and he is not talking much with Neelum he tries to call her but then she is busy talking with her friend on her landline number how low of Affan to think that she might be talking with Junaid.

Well, how can Affan mistake that Neelum might be talking with Junaid when it is Junaid who is calling him all the time and he is ignoring his call. Junaid despite so much pressure on him to break his friendship, goes to talk with Affan. Affan is not in a mood to listen to Junaid at all. He walks out of the office leaving behind Junaid alone in the room.

Affan is not being nice with Neelum. He has turned into a huge disappointment when he starts doubting Neelum and also starts accusing her. Poor Neelum has left with no choice but to leave the house and to our surprise, Affan is not stopping her, he is letting her go. However, before Neelum leaves the house. Junaid and Abeer have arrived at their house. Abeer has told Junaid that Affan has insulted him and they need to reply to them with an insult but little did know poor Abeer that her bad time is about to start. Affan’s Chachi spots her there.

Junaid and Abeer have the audacity to barge into Neelum’s house and start taunting her. Abeer may be redeemable but whatever she is doing with Neelum she is not at all redeemable. She deserves to be punished. Affan’s Chachi hears the loud arguments and there she spots Abeer standing with Junaid. Affan’s Chachi loses her patience, she starts cursing Abeer accusing her of her son Mohsin’s death. She tells Junaid that she has flirted with her late son Mohsin which ends up in his death. Affan’s Chachi is accusing Abeer of her son’s death which is not factually true but Junaid comes to know about Abeer’s reality and it seems that Abeer’s bad time is about to start. Whatever she is doing with Neelum after that we wish that Abeer pays for her sins.


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