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Baddua Episode-16 Review: Junaid is not ready to forgive Abeer

Baddua the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is one of the most engaging plays. Amar Khan, Muneeb Butt, Maryam, and Osama Tahir have given their best. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mohsin’s mother reveals Abeer’s reality to Junaid. In this episode after seeing all proof and evidence by Affan, Junaid is not ready to forgive Abeer.

Junaid drags Abeer from Affan’s house after hearing about her reality. He knows that Mohsin’s mother is not lying about her. The way she has stolen him from Neelum already says volumes about her character and Junaid has made up his mind that he will get to know the whole truth. Junaid trashes her in front of his family too.

The only factor which makes us think that Abeer is not redeemable is her attitude toward Neelum, she has wronged Neelum, she has stolen her fiance from her and now instead of being apologetic she is after her and she in this crucial time still wants to ruin Neelum. After seeing this side of Abeer we feel that she deserves punishment and she is not redeemed at all. Whatever Junaid is doing with her is what she actually deserves. Abeer has to suffer!

The very next day Junaid once again drags Abeer to Affan’s place. This time strangely Mohsin’s mother is being passive, in front of Junaid accepts that she was lying and Abeer once again shows her ugly side she starts claiming that she is right and Mohsin’s mother is lying. Affan cannot bear this he jumps in saying that his Chachi never lies and Neelum too jumps in defense telling Junaid that she and Mohsin had an affair and everyone knows that in university. Affan further provides evidence in form of old chats and pictures shared by Abeer on Mohsin’s phone.

After going through all proofs and evidence Junaid is not ready to forgive Abeer at any cost. He drags her to his house and once again trashes her in front of his family. His brother asks him to divorce Abeer on which he is about to divorce her when Abeer faints. Well now there is a twist in the story Abeer is pregnant so technically Junaid cannot divorce her. Abeer is not redeemable as she is still thinking about how to utilize this time and ways to ruin Neelum and Affan’s life. Neelum is not ready to forgive Affan. Do you think Affan deserves a second chance?

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