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Baddua Episode-18 Review: Abeer is creating dramas to gain Junaid’s attention but fails miserably!

Junaid is not ready to accept Abeer

Baddua Episode-18 ReviewBaddua Episode-18 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Baddua the drama serial airing at Ary Digital is 18 episodes down. One of the best things about this play was that it used to be fast-paced but this episode is a bit dragged. In the previous episode, we have seen that Abeer is not redeemable at all she is still after Neelum wants to ruin her life. In this episode, Abeer is creating scenes just to gain Junaid’s attention but she has miserably failed.

Abeer is taking full advantage of living in Junaid’s room. She is creating dramas to gain his attention. Junaid although is super pissed off he does not want to see Abeer’s face but his heart gets melted for his child. Junaid gets worried and he starts taking care of her when he sees that she is not feeling well.

However, Junaid wants his friend Affan back in his life. He tells Affan that Abeer is a liar and she has stolen him from Neelum like he used to flirt with Mohsin. Affan is behaving as if he does not care about him. Junaid also tells him that he wants to divorce Abeer but he is expecting their child. Affan simply tells him to leave his office.

A help lady Haleema is called to take care of Abeer, Junaid has already fed up taking care of her. He does not want to see her face and after talking with Affan he is even hating Abeer more. Abeer is continuing her dramas in the hospital too. She tells the doctor about her in-laws and husband’s treatment with her and requests the doctor to take her side in front of Junaid. The doctor does what she says but it has not affected Junaid. Junaid is super angry with Abeer and he has also realized that she is creating dramas to gain his attention.

Abeer is so vile that in such a condition she is also not thinking of redeeming herself but instead all she thinks is to ruin Neelum and Affan’s happy life. She is so mean that she even calls Affan and tries to create doubts in Affan’s mind for Neelum telling that she has called Junaid. Thank God for this time Affan is not paying any heed to Abeer’s rubbish. He tells her that Junaid is telling right about her that she is a liar. Abeer gets to know that Junaid is still meeting Affan. Abeer vows that she will eventually ruin Affan and Neelum’s happy life.

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