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Baddua Episode-20 Review: Abeer continues with her malice

Junaid is now after Neelum

Baddua Episode-20 ReviewBaddua Episode-20 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital drama serial Baddua is now getting tedious. Being an Abeer-centric story, this story goes round and round with the same situations. In the previous episode, we have seen that Junaid is not ready to forgive her. In this episode too Junaid continues to detest Abeer and Abeer continues with her malice. She is not at all redeemable, she deserves to be punished.

The episode begins with Abeer creating dramas in front of Haleema Bowa. I am wondering why will she get to create dramas in front of Haleema how she will go to help her out in this matter? She is merely a house help what can she do for her. Abeer is so cunning that she takes Umair’s call in front of Haleema posing it to be her mother’s call.

Junaid is truly Abeer’s counterpart, he is as obsessive as her but for Neelum now. He has started hounding Neelum by frequently visiting her place. He begs her to forgive him. Neelum in order to get rid of him forgives her. However, Affan sees Junaid leaving his house and he once again starts doubting Neelum. However, Neelum clears his doubts by telling him why Junaid has come to her place.

Abeer is so malicious that she is creating negativity all around her. Nazish Bhabi is always very kind and supportive towards her but she still does not shy away from disturbing her as well. Well, that small piece of thought about the birth of a baby girl does not seem that big issue that Nazish has created and she is overreacting over that. Abeer is so mean that she even sends a message to Neelum from Junaid’s number and Affan picks that message. Affan calls Junaid and insults him for going after his wife.

Well, one thing is making me wonder how come Abeer so easily gets away from everything. Abeer is so mean that she even does badly with people who have been nice to her. Abeer’s mother truly knows her daughter’s reality but she is still blindly supporting her daughter. Hopefully, Falak’s wedding goes smoothly. Neelum is now scared of Junaid and she does not want her husband to mistrust her so in order to get rid of Junaid she calls Nazish Bhabi and tells her that Junaid is calling her and sending her messages. She further tells her about his arrival at her house. Nazish Bhabi and Junaid’s mother are shocked but Abeer is insisting that it is Neelum who is lying her husband is all good. Well, how long is Abeer will continue to make people fool around her?

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