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Baddua Episode-8 Review: Abeer’s father is not ready to forgive her

ARY Digital’s drama serial Baddua has aired another episode, though the story has not moved much as Abeer and Junaid are now a married couple. Performances are brilliant in this episode although at some points I feel Amar Khan’s performance is weak. In the previous episode Abeer’s father marries her off hastily and in this episode, his anger is not getting slow, he is not ready to forgive Abeer.

Abeer before her rukhsati asks her father to forgive her but he is not ready to forgive her. He tells her that she has died for him and that he does not want to see her again. Well to some extent her father’s reaction is justified but why her father is stretching it so far? He is fearing that Mohsin’s mother’s curse will ruin her daughter but his own reaction is damaging her more.

Junaid’s family is quite reasonable and decent, they have accepted Abeer just because of Junaid and also Junaid’s bhabi is being very friendly with Abeer. Junaid’s brother is warning Junaid to stay away from all of his ill habits, he forbids him to keep any relationships and girlfriends after his marriage. The irony is that the flirty Junaid wants his wife to be all pure and virtuous whose first love must be him. Abeer lies to Junaid that he is her first love but in real Abeer truly deserves Junaid.

Abeer’s parents do not show up to her in-laws’ place the very next day to her marriage, they do not even bring that customary breakfast. Abeer’s father and Dadi have decided that no matter what happens they are not going to accept her. Well, one wonders what is her sin? just because she refuses to marry the guy they want her to marry and she insists to marry the person she wants. Abeer is being really mean she has done too much wrong but her father’s cutting her off from the family is not going to make her straight path.

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Abeer’s in-laws are quite decent people, they do not taunt her for her family not bringing the customary breakfast in fact Junaid’s mother very kindly and sweetly tells her that it is now her own home, and also she insists Junaid take her to her house so she can meet her family. Abeer is fearing that her father might not behave well with her and what she is fearing more is that her father might insult Junaid too. Will Abeer’s father going to be that unreasonable that he will go to the extent of damaging his daughter’s relationship with his own hands so why does he was fearing for Mohsin’s mother’s curse?

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