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Baddua Episode-9 Review: Abeer is paying for her wrong doings

Junaid is now showing his true colors to Abeer and still is so obsessed with Neelum

Baddua Episode-9 ReviewBaddua Episode-9 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Baddua the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is 9 episodes down. The story is getting too intense and it’s fast-paced which is the best thing about the story otherwise narrative is a bit problematic. In the previous episode, we have seen that Abeer and Junaid got married in a very hasty manner. In this episode, we come to know that Abeer’s family particularly her father and Dadi are not ready to forgive her.

Junaid is now showing his true colors to Abeer. When Abeer suggests Junaid not to enter into the house fearing that her father might insult him badly, she shares her fear with Junaid but Junaid takes it as a matter of his ego. He takes her back home and insults her badly in front of his family. His family is also in a state of shock that why Abeer’s family is reacting like that.

Abeer once again visits her house, she once again pleads with her father that at least he should accept her husband as his son-in-law now but his father is not ready to accept her. She pleads her Dadi reminds her of her love for her but nothing happens no one heart’s melts well one wonders what has Abeer’s sin that no one is ready to forgive her. Dadi takes this all to her heart and dies at the spot but Abeer has been thrown out of that house before that.

Junaid is sharing all his problems with his best friend Affan and when Affan shames him for betraying his fiance and now that now he is bearing the fruits of whatever he has done before, Junaid gets angry. Well, Abeer’s name has not rung a bell in Affan’s mind obviously Abeer is a common name. Abeer catches a few intimate messages of Junaid with a girl, being a compulsive womanizer Junaid has not stopped flirting with girls.

Abeer creates a lot of hues and cries over Junaid’s affair on which she receives a tight slap on her face. Abeer brings that topic in front of Junaid’s family. Junaid’s brother tries to settle down all the differences he tells Junaid to get on the right track but Junaid is not ready to listen to any such advice. He has no plans to give up his old habits. He tells his family that he is not going to celebrate his Valima. Rohina’s mother meets Neelum and her mother outside a mall and they happen to be neighbors. It seems that Affan is going to be paired with Neelum they both will make a cute couple. The episode ends when Junaid tells Abeer that they are going to Neelum’s house. Why Junaid is so obsessed with Neelum?

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