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Bakhtawar Episode-14 Review: Bakhtoo’s fake identity is revealed

Hooriya ruined her own engagement function just to kick Bakhtoo out of the house

Bakhtawar the Hum TV drama serial is going strong and intense. The story takes a drastic turn with Bakhtoo’s fake identity revelation. Yumna Zaidi and Zaviyar Nauman Ejaz have given their best performances. In the previous episode, we have seen that Bakhtoo’s fake identity is in danger as Sheeda knows her reality. In this episode, Bakhtoo is accused of stealing the engagement ring and in front of the Police, Bakhtoo confesses her fake identity.

Sheeda now knows the reality of Bakhtoo. He is now blackmailing Bakhtawar that he will tell the world about her reality and the only way he can stop doing that is that by accepting his friendship offer. Bakhtawar is really in trouble she should have moved out of that neighborhood. Bakhtoo’s fake identity is in danger and she is fearing that what will going to happen if Sheeda reveals her truth.

Bakhtawar thinks that before Sheeda could do anything she will tell Dilawar sir all her reality. She tries to tell Malik Dilawar about her reality but before she could speak, he gets super busy and he does not have time to listen to her. Bakhtoo has made up her mind to leave the job tomorrow. However, Malik Dilawar’s engagement ceremony is taking place on that day.

Hooriya’s brother with the help of a house servant conspires against Bakhtoo. When at the engagement time, Malik Dilawar opens the ring box the ring is missing. That servant starts beating Bakhtoo accusing him of stealing the ring. SP Mohsin intervenes and takes the matter into his hands. He starts searching Bakhtoo’s office drawers where he finds the ring. Malik Dilawar is shocked as he cannot believe that Bakhtoo can steal anything. Police take Bakhtoo into its custody and there Bakhtoo has to give a statement.

SP Mohsin like a detective asks Bakhtoo about Bakhtawar as he has found her CV in the office. Bakhtoo has left with no choice but to speak the truth, she confesses her fake identity to SP Mohsin. In the meantime, SP Mohsin gets the CCTV camera footage from Malik Dialwar’s room. He examines that clip closely and comes to the conclusion that the person who is stealing the ring is not Bakhtoo. He zooms that out and identifies it as the house servant. Hooriya who is super happy is now worrying that Dilawar knows the reality after the CCTV footage that Bakhtoo is not the actual culprit. Well, Hooriya’s obsession with Bakhtoo is not making any sense she ruined her own engagement function just to kick Bakhtoo out of the house? Weird.

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