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Bakhtawar Episode-15 Review: Inspector Mohsin keeps Bakhtoo’s secret

Bakhtawar is braving up in front of Sheeda

Hum TV drama serial Bakhtawar is now 15 Episodes down and still, Malik Dilawar has not come to know about the reality of Bakhtoo. Yumna Zaidi’s performance is brilliant and so is Zaviyar Nauman Ejaz’s. In the previous episode, we have seen that Baktoo’s identity is revealed in front of Inspector Mohsin when Bakhtawar confesses her story in front of him. In this episode, Bakhtawar is quitting her job at Malik Dilawar’s office.

Bakhtoo in front of Inspector Mohsin confesses her life story. Well before knowing her story too, he is not strict with Bakhtoo maybe it is because Malik Dilawar has asked him not to be harsh with Bakhtoo. Inspector Mohsin in the CCTV camera footage sees that the person who is picking up the ring is not Bakhtoo, he is Ameen the driver of Malik Dilawar. Mohsin investigates Ameen he only says that he has done that out of jealousy.

Inspector Mohsin rightly gets the gist of the situation. He clearly knows that it is something beyond this jealousy and grudge issue. He shares his views with Malik Dilawar telling him that he feels like Hooriya is behind this as Ameen can never have the guts to take such a bold step just to demean Bakhtoo. Furthermore, he tells Dilawar that Bakhtoo is sincere with him but he is needy, Inspector Mohsin keeps Bakhtoo’s secret.

Does the question arise why Hooriya is being super obsessive with a mere office boy that she ruins her own engagement function? It does not make any sense at all! Hooriya’s brother is also not making any sense why he is taking so much interest in Noora is he intending to plant something through her or is he merely flirting with her? Anyways Bakhtoo has told Malik Dilawar that she will be leaving the job. She wants to write a letter to him confessing everything about her but then she tears the paper.

Bakhtawar is braving up in front of Sheeda, she confronts him and told him that she will not get into his blackmail and she will fight for justice for that girl who has become a victim of his acid attack. Well, Sheeda this time goes straight to Nawab Dastagheer’s house, and guess what he is also trying to blackmail him by saying that he has the material that he can sell to any news channel. Well, it does not make any sense that the most powerful Nawab Sahab gets affected by his blackmailing, and Sheeda shares Bakhtoo’s reality with him.

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