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Bakhtawar Episode-16 Review: Inspector Moshin asks Bakhtawar to pay off his favor

No one is buying Sheeda's side of story

Hum TV drama serial Bakhtawar is a play based on a headstrong girl’s life journey. The story and performances hooked us to the screens. This episode in particular belongs to Sheeda the antagonist played by Sunil Shankar with his amazing performance. In the previous episode we have seen that Bakhtoo is quitting the job. In this episode it is shown that Bakhtoo does not actually quits the job. Inspector Mohsin is asking Bakhtawar to pay off the favor he has done to her.

Salar has given Noora a phone why? What he is trying to plant? or he is merely flirting with her what is his agenda no one knows. Noora has been flattered by him and Bakhtoo is trying her best to tell Noora not to get in this trap. Hooriya sees Noora and Bakhtoo talking with each other and she starts calling them love birds. Then she says that it is clear that Bakhtoo is not going anywhere.

Well it is not clear to us why Bakhtoo is not quitting the job? What could be the reason of not quitting? Is it because she needs money or is it because she is staying just to protect Noora? Noora is not ready to share anything with Bakhtoo despite of insisting. Well the good news is that Bakhtawar has cleared her exams with flying numbers now she is planning to attempt for Civil Superior Services papers.

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Bakhatwar is surprised by her best friend’s surprise visit to her place, through her we get to know that Ahad is also in town and he has gotten a job. Once again Bakhtawar’s friend offers Bakhawar her brother’s proposal. Well it is making no sense why Bakhtawar is not saying yes for Ahad? He is an open minded person who will never stand in between her dreams and aspirations then why she refuses? I am not happy with Bakhtawar’s choices.

No one is ready to buy Sheeda’s side of story not Nawab Dastaghir nor Hooriya? Sheeda is really in mess he once again tries to blackmail Bakhtawar to unravel her mystery to the world and in front of media and also warns about its adverse outcomes on Nawab Dilawar. However Bakhtawar is resolute that she will fight for justice for Shahana. Inspector Mohsin calls Bakhtawar and reminds her his favor for not revealing her reality in front of Dilawar and in return he asks to pay off his favor by speaking as a witness against Sheeda in the Police station.

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