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Bakhtawar Episode-17 Review: Nawab Dastaghir’s goons kill Sheeda by hitting him with the car

Bakhtoo joins back Dialwar's office

Bakhtawar the drama serial airing at HUM TV is 17 Episodes down. This episode bids farewell to Sheeda one of the interesting but negative character well played by Sunil Shankar. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode we have seen that Inspector Moshin asks Bakhtawar to repay his favors by stating her statement as eye witness. In this episode it is shown that Bakhtawar records her statement but it is of no use as Sheeda dies.

Bakhtawar is made up her mind that no matter what will happen, she is going to stand for justice for Shahana. Bakhtawar is going to record her statement as an eye witness against Sheeda but on her way she meets Sheeda. One wonder why she actually need to tell him that she is going to the Police station to record her statement against him knowing how dangerous he can be for her. Still she tells him her agenda of going strange makes no sense.

Sheeda on the other hand is trying his best to contact Hooriya so that he can tell her about Bakhtawar. Hooriya is out with Malik Dilawar and she does not want to leave an impression on him that she is party with Sheeda so she calls her dad telling him that Sheeda is bugging her. On the other hand, Bakhtawar has recorded her statement to Inspector Mohsin who confirms her security saying that she will be protected.

Nawab Dastaghir orders his goons to fix Sheeda. They hit him by a car giving the impression of an accident but actually he has been murdered by Nawab Dataghir with the help of his goons. Inspector Mohsin is extremely disappointed by Sheeda’s death and he has already shared with Dilawar that Hooriya is behind this all. Nawab Dastaghir is sending Inspector out of country for some training so that he stay away from Dilawar.

I don’t understand why Bakhtawar is now being too scared of Sheeda after giving the statement when Inspector Mohsin has assured her security. Bakhatwar gets to know about Sheeda’s death news through the neighbor woman, she is relieved. Bakhtoo joins back Dialwar’s office and there she is also trying to protect Noora when Dilawar’s father sees them talking together and he decides to marry off Noora with Bakhtoo! Now what will Bakhtawar do? its like jumping from frying pan into the fire!

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