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Bakhtawar Episode-20 Review: Bakhtoo gets trapped in a huge mess!

Noora jumps from the terrace and everyone is blaming Bakhtoo

Bakhtawar the drama serial airing on Hum Tv is now 20 Episodes down. The story has gone too far from being realistic. Performances are good but since the story and characters are not well crafted, therefore performances seem wasted. In the previous episode we watched that Bakhtawar is having second thoughts about marrying Ahad making us wonder that will she marry him or not. In this episode, Bakhtoo is going to get into a bigger mess.

As I have already mentioned in the previous review that Bakhtawar’s empathy is what will put her into great trouble. Bakhtawar is not shown as a wise girl rather I find her too dumb. She could have communicated with Kulsoom as Bakhtawar but no despite Molvi Nazar snubbing her, she next time as well tries to talk to her not as Bakhtawar but as Bakhtoo. Kulsoom reacts to his advice and she has put her details on a piece of paper and put it in the door but unfortunately, that paper is found by Nazar.

Nazar creates a huge scene on that, instead of questioning her new wife he is after Bakhtoo, he is about to throw Bakhtoo’s mother out of his house but one wonders why he has not yet done that. Bakhtoo is not at home her mother is really facing a lot of trouble because of her. On the other side, Malik Dilawar and Hooriya’s wedding festivities are going in full swing.

Salar is also present dancing at the mehndi function. The storyline looks so unrealistic that Salar and Hooriya both are obsessed with the servants of the house. Salar is shown too lecherous that he tries his hands on Noora at his sister’s wedding function. Salaar and his friends try to rape Noora but she escapes from the situation and jumps off the terrace.

Noora jumping off the terrace and Bakhtoo being on the rooftop is making Baktoo suspicious in everyone’s eyes and on top of that Bakhtoo starts running and her fleeing from the situation is making her even more suspicious. Noora is not dead Thank God she is alive but critically injured and this news of her being alive is disturbing Salaar. Police are after Bakhtoo even at some point Malik Dilawar also thinks that Bakhtoo is involved in Noora’s case. However, Malik Dilawar has also noticed Salaar being nervous on hearing that Noora is alive. Will Bakhtoo be able to get away from this situation?

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