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Bakhtawar Episode-3 Review: Bakhtawar becomes Bakhtoo

Bakhtawar the drama serial airing on Hum TV is now becoming one of our favorite Weekend Watch. It is based on Bakhtawar’s life struggles and her journey. The phases she goes through in her experiences perfectly depict society’s behavior toward a woman. In the previous episode, we have seen that Bakhtawar ends up disguising herself as a boy. In this episode, it is shown that Bakhtawar flaunts in front of the world as Bakhtoo her imaginary twin brother.

The episode begins when Bakhtawar surprises her mother with her new getup disguised as a boy she names herself Bakhtoo. Well by merely cutting her hair and wearing boys’ clothes how come she going to fool the world? Her appearance is not sufficing enough to consider her a boy.

Well to our surprise Bakhtawar manages to fool her landlord and the world by introducing herself as Bakhtoo, Bakhtawar’s twin brother. Street boys consider her girlish they make fun of her but they never thought that she might be a girl who is wearing boys’ clothes. To be honest I don’t find this whole thing believable at all. She has all girl’s features. Well, it is so heartbreaking to know what forced Bakhtawar to become Bakhtoo.

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Bakhtoo is looking for jobs. She is happy that now she does not have to face people’s lustful eyes nor does she has to face harassment. She feels blessed to get rid of that but little does she know that her struggle is going to be really hard. Her struggle begins right from her lane when the street boys start offering her bike rides, and cigarettes, and try to be frank with her. Then she has to sit in the gent’s section on the bus. The irony is that she is rejected for a job she really wants to have just because they want a female candidate for it. Bakhtoo’s mamoo along with her Khalo is looking for her and they even reached her place but fortunately, they are misguided.

I don’t understand why any boy will insist hard on another boy to get a ride on his bike. He insists her even hard to have tea with him in relatively a fancy cafe. When Bakhtoo loses her cool and starts ranting about her joblessness. The Cafe manager hires her immediately. Bakhtoo lands a job finally as a waiter. She is working hard and it seems she has settled there when the hero makes his entry. Yes, Zaviyar makes his entry who happens to be a big shot enters the Cafe and the manager introduced him as Malik Sahab. He has a brief conversation with Bakhtoo and he places his order. A few minutes later two bikers barge into the cafe and fire straight at him. Bakhtoo is the only one who tries to save him and is on his side when he is critically injured. Is this going to affect Bakhtawar’s life in a positive way?

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