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Bakhtawar Episode-5 Review: Bakhtoo has a crush on her boss Malik Dilawar

Malik Dilawar is taking good care of Bakhtoo

Bakhtawar Episode-5 ReviewBakhtawar Episode-5 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV drama serial Bakhtawar is one of the finest weekend watches. Performances are super brilliant particularly Yumna Zaidi has given a stellar performance. Her character as Bakhtoo is now growing on us and her performance is quite mature as Bakhtoo. In the previous episode, we have seen that Malik Dilawar offers Bakhtoo a job. In this episode, it is shown that Bakhtoo has developed a crush on her boss Malik Dilawar.

Bakhtoo is over the moon since she gets the visiting card from Malik Dilawar. His words are echoing in her head when he offered her to work with him in his office. Bakhtoo is more than happy to leave that job at Dhaba and join Malik Dilawar as she knows that he is a good man.

Malik Dilawar introduces Bakhtoo to her work and office. He is super glad to know that Bakhtoo is studying he is an under graduation student. Malik Dilawar lends his support to Bakhtoo to keep her studies along with her job. One thing Malik Dilawar precisely said is that he is allergic to lies and deceitfulness. It has shocked Bakhtoo and it makes her sad as well. All her reality is a big lie she is Bakhtawar deceiving the world as Bakhtoo.

Bakhtoo’s presence in the office is not welcomed by all, there are people who are envying her presence and they are wondering what Bakhtoo has done with Malik Dilawar that he is taking such great care of her. That House help flirting with Bakhtoo scenes seems quite delightful and is a fun element. Dilawar’s father is totally from a different league from Dilawar. He looks down at Bakhtoo calling her a Zanana Mard. He is showing his disgust over Bakhtoo then why is Dilawar not telling his father that he is the guy who has saved his life?

Bakhtoo’s landlord is a creepy guy. On one hand, he restricts his wife not to go Bakhtawar’s house because of Bakhtoo but on the other hand, he is being such a creep that he is asking for Bakhtawar from her mother so he could hand her the mail himself. Shero’s clinginess is also so irritating, he is also eyeing Bakhtawar. Bakhtoo has developed a crush on her boss Malik Dilawar but her heart breaks when she hears about his engagement. Bakhtoo actually encounters his fiance too who is super proud and arrogant so she asks Dilawar to kick out Bakhtoo from the job. Malik Dilawar has no intentions to marry Hooriya. Unlike his father, he does not want to be part of any politics. Well just wondering how will Malik Dilawar react when he will get to know about Bakhtoo’s reality.


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