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Bakhtawar Episode-8 Review: Bakhto is in trouble as everyone asking for his sister

Bakhtawar Episode-8 Review – Hum Tv drama serial Bakhtawar finally gets aired after two weeks of hiatus, it was not being aired because of Asia Cup Pakistan Vs India matches. Yumna Zaidi still shines out in her performance as Bakhtoo. In the previous episode, we have seen Bakhtoo’s identity is at risk of getting exposed after her mother’s accident. In this episode, it is shown that Bakhtoo is in trouble as everyone is asking him about Bakhtawar’s presence.

Sheeda like a thief barges into the house of Bakhtoo by breaking the lock in the lust of meeting Bakhtawar but to his surprise, there is no one in the house. Sheeda is shocked to know where Bakhtawar really escaped. Nazr Sahab’s wife sees Sheeda entering the house she tells Molvi Sahab about it. Nazr Sahab being a coward gathers a crowd instead of going alone.

Meanwhile, Bakhtoo has gone to meet Malik Dilawar as he has called him to his place. Malik Dilawar gives Bakhtoo some money but Hooriya misbehaves with Bakhtoo calling her a beggar. On the other hand, there is a crowd gathered in front of Bakhtoo’s house and they force into the house. The house is empty as Sheeda has jumped out of the window. Molvi Sahab has seen him running but in the next scene instead of questioning him, he is standing with him confronting Bakhtoo.

Bakhtoo when returns back from meeting Malik Dilawar, is astonished to see his house turned Topsy-turvy everything has turned upside down. Bakhtoo when goes to Nazr Sahab to complain about it with Sheedoo and others starts questioning him about the presence of her sister Bakhatwar. For a moment Bakhtoo becomes speechless but then comes up with an excuse that she has dropped her sister at her Mammo’s place so that she can prepare for her exams.

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Sheeda is so clingy that he even sends his mother to Bakhtoo’s place to ask about Bakhtawar. We have not gotten to see Bakhtawar in this whole episode. Bakhtoo, who is actually Bakhtawar, shares her trouble with her best friend spilling the beans about her Bakhtoo getting up. She tells her that she has gotten into big trouble. Hooriya tries to buy Bakhtoo by offering her some money in return she asks her to spy on Malik Dilawar for her but Bakhtoo declines that offer. Malik Dilawar’s father on Hooriya’s wish orders Malik Dilawar to fire Bakhtoo but in the other scene, we have seen that a maid sends her to Malik Dilawar’s room to give him his dress. It is a cute scene where Bakhtoo sees him shirtless coming straight out of the shower. Bakhtoo’s inner girl shying and she runs away from the room making Malik Dilawar wonder what happened to Baktoo. Will Bakhtoo take this pressure off her neighbors and will carry her identity which is already a risk of exposure?

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