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Bakhtawar Episode-9 Review: Bakhtawar is bravely facing the world!

Bakhtawar Episode-9 Review – Hum Tv drama serial Bahtawar is going strong in terms of views and it’s trending on YouTube, story, and performance are outclassed but now it seems a bit dragged. Yumna Zaidi has given her best as Bakhtoo and Bakhtawar. In the previous episode, we have seen that Bakhtoo is in trouble as everyone asks for his sister. In this episode, Baktoo’s struggles continue and now Bakhtawar bravely faces the world herself not as Bakhtoo.

Bakhtoo’s scene in Malik Dilawar’s room is so cute when she gets shy and runs out on seeing Malik Dilawar shirtless. Well, Malik Dilawar has not wondered why Bakhtoo is behaving so oddly. Then we have seen that Malik Dilawar’s father calls Bakhtoo and asks him to massage his legs this is a hard task for Bakhtoo. She requests Dilawar never to ask him for this particular task with tears in her eyes which makes him wonder what is wrong with Bakhtoo.

Sheeda has created a lot of fuss in the neighborhood since he has gotten rejected he has lost his cool. He starts vilifying Bakhtawar’s character, trashing her in front of all neighbors in her absence and calling her names. He even talks with Bakhtoo’s landlord who assures him that he will go to check this matter but we have seen that he has some other motives he wants to cash this chance by putting more pressure on Bakhtawar’s family.

The landlord is still eyeing Bakhtawar and he has made up his mind that he will use this in his favor. He tells Bakhtoo that he is giving them a last chance to consider him as a suitor for Bakthawar as after all this disgrace the only solution is to marry her off to a reasonable person. Bakthoo has got really mad over that but she has not uttered a single word. I think they should have moved quickly out of that toxic neighborhood.

We have seen Bakhtawar’s breakdown when she hears Malik Dilawar telling someone that he cannot bear a lie. Bakhtoo’s whole identity is a lie. Bakhtawar has not realized that Bakhtoo has become her alter ego and she has influenced her so much that she is ready to face the world as her own self as Bakhtawar. She goes to her landlord’s house as Bakhatwar and rejects his proposal in front of his wife. Then she goes straight to Sheeda and rejects him too. Well, Bakhtawar should have waited till her exams. She is going to the university for taking her exam when Sheeda starts following her. I am fearing that he might harm Bakhtawar to take his revenge. Will Bakhtawar have the courage to face Malik Dilawar as Bakhtawar?

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