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Bakhtawar Episode-10 Review: Bakhtarwar survives acid attack

Bakhtawar Episode-10 Review – Bakhtawar the drama serial airing on HUM TV is one of the best in the running. Yumna Zaidi’s phenomenal performance is what makes this serial a treat to watch. In the previous episode, we have seen that Bakhtoo is in real trouble and he becomes Bakhtawar’s alter ego giving her the courage to bravely face the world. In this episode it is shown that Bakhtawar is now paying the price of being brave, Sheeda attempts an acid attack on Bakhtawar and fortunately, she escapes and an innocent girl becomes a victim of that attack.

Bakhtawar is all set to take her exam and she goes to the University not fearing that whatever she has done the other night she might going to face its consequences. We have seen Sheeda closely following her to the university we are fearing that he might go to harm her. On her way back from the university Sheeda attempts to attack Bakhtawar with acid but fortunately, she is saved.

On her way back from the examination hall Bakhatawar starts talking with a random girl she is introducing herself to her when all of a sudden Sheeda makes a sudden entry and throws acid mistakenly at that girl while he is aiming to throw it at Bakhtawar. Bakhtawar is saved but she is scared the hell out of her life and she starts running on the road when she gets in front of Malik Dilawar’s car.

Well, the world is shown to be too small in our dramas. Bakhtawar gets in front of Malik Dilawar’s car and she is meeting him for the first time as Bakhtawar, not as Bakhtoo. Malik Dilawar asks her why she is so scared, Bakhtawar narrates the whole story to him that how he survives an acid attack as it was aimed at her but an innocent girl becomes a victim of it. She also names Sheeda and states the reason why he attacked her. Malik Dilawar promises to help her.

One thing is not making any sense that why Bakhatwar not trying to move out as soon as possible as she has seen that her life is in danger. Sheeda has once again threatened to ruin her if she tries to tell anyone that he is behind that attack. Why Bakhtoo has not tried to escape that toxic neighborhood? Why she is not telling Malik Dilawar her reality, why she is still meeting him as Bakhtoo? The play ends when the police raid and arrest Sheeda. Now Bakhtawar needs to be more careful and she needs to move out of that toxic neighborhood as soon as possible.

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