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Bakhtawar Episode-11 & 12 Review: Bakhtawar should leave the toxic neighborhood

Hooriya's obsession with Bakhtoo is not making any sense

Hum TV drama serial Bakhtawar is on trending with Yumna Zaidi’s stellar performance. Apart from Yumna Zaidi, it is also Zaviyaar’s best performance so far. I would also like to give a shout-out to Sunil Shakar who is playing Sheeda’s role. In the previous episode, we have seen that Bakhtawar survives an acid attack. In this episode it is shown that Bakhtawar’s life is in danger she should move out of her toxic neighborhood.

Bakhtawar’s life is in danger although Sheeda is in lock-up. But still, the first thing Bakhtawar should do is she should move out to some other location. Bakhatawar is relaxed that Malik Dilawar has put him in lock-up. Hooriya orders the release of Sheeda as there is no evidence or proof available against him nor he has confessed his crime. Police release Sheeda on Hooriya’s orders.

Bakhtawar has no idea that Sheeda is free from Police custody to make her life hell once again. She should have left the place but no she is so relaxed that Sheeda could not do anything since he is in Police custody. Little does Bakhtawar knows how he can harm her. Bakhtoo comes to know at Malik Dilawar’s office that Sheeda has been released she is still in shock and disbelief.

Sheeda is too smart he goes to meet Hooriya Madam at her office on her call. She hires him to spy on Bakhtoo! Well, Hooriya’s obsession with Bakhtoo and Malik Dilawar’s relationship is making no sense at all why she is being so jealous or possessive with merely a boy working in his fiance’s office. Hooriya gives Sheeda a handsome amount of money but then we have seen that he calls Hooriya once again asking for more amount of money. He is sort of blackmailing her.

Well, how can a small person like Sheeda blackmail Hooriya? It is making no sense at all. Hooriya’s brother comes to meet Dilawar at his office where he meets Bakhtoo and insists on keeping some money. Later he tells Dilawar that Bakhtoo is asking for some help so he has helped him out with some money. He proves himself to be Hooriya’s brother. He has tainted Bakhtoo’s images in Dilawar’s eyes. Hooriya takes Dilawar out for lunch for which he has to cancel his meeting, during lunch he gets a call through which he comes to know that Hooriya is behind Sheeda’s release.


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