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Bakhtawar Last Episode Review: The ending seems a utopian one, where good triumphed over evil

Bakhtwar ends up with her first love Ahad

HUM TV drama serial Bakhtawar has finally ended. The story is quite a brave one on the life journey of Bakhtawar but unfortunately, the story has gone through many loopholes and it is also unnecessarily dragged. Yumna Zaidi’s portrayals as Bakhtawar and Bakhtoo are memorable ones. The ending is quite satisfying as Bakthawar ends with her first love Ahad who was always on her side from day one.

Bakhatwar’s ending seems a Utopian one where good triumphed over evil. It is so far from reality when we see in real life our politicians suffering like that. Where in real life Police is as cooperative as Inspector Mohsin? Where in real life do we see a son of a politician being punished or sent to jail for harassing a poor help? It’s all too hard to believe to be true!

The end is utopian in the sense that a poor girl Bakhtawar’s voice has been televised on national television when even media is a part of our system and it is all a matter of power. Politicians are used to abusing their power. Chaudhry Dastagheer is shown as too powerful then why he has not killed Bakhtawar as she is such a threat to his power? His saying so helplessly that Bakhtawar has put the last nail in the coffin of politics is going so out of character for him.

The ending was quite jumpy we actually have not seen Salaar getting any punishment but it is told that he has been sent to jail. Hooriya’s helplessness is again so much out of her character, Malik Dilawar has refused to marry her after knowing her reality. She like a loser has gone into excessive smoking. I find Bakhtawar’s Press Conference/TV Interview too preachy where she is exactly naming people and preaching to them seems too boring! Molvi Nazar has been arrested by the Police for marrying an underage girl.

Coming to Bakhtawar, she goes to the same cafe along with Malik Dilawar and pays the bill herself. She tells Malik Dilawar that she always respects him and he will always be her mentor. She then joins Ahad and asks him if he can be her companion to which Ahad affirms.

It is so good to see Bakhtawar ending up with Ahad and not with Malik Dilawar. It’s a perfect ending where Bakhtawar with Ahad goes back to their village and she starts teaching the village girls. Bakhtawar ends up with a strong message that every girl is a Bakhtawar (Lucky) and education is the birthright of every girl.

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