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Bakhtawar Second Last Episode Review: Is Malik Dilawar’s heart inclined towards Bakhtawar

Bakhtawar appreciates Malik Dilawar and Ahad's role in her life journey

Hum TV drama serial Bakhtawar is finally moving towards its end, as this is its Second Last Episode. The drama is based on the struggles and journey of Bakhtawar. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Hooriya has started a slander social media campaign against Bakhatawar. In this episode, it is shown that Hooriya has miserably failed to demean Bakhtawar in front of Malik Dilawar.

Hooriya has tried her best to demean Bakhatwar in front of Malik Dilawar by lying that she is asking for money and she has agreed to back off from the Noora case. She is almost been successful in trapping her but Bakhtawar is Bakhatwar, she ruins all Hooriya’s plotting by simply refusing to give her interview as they are asking her to, amend her story of Malik Dilawar and Ahad. Malik Dilawar is overhearing all of her conversations and there once again he sees Hooriya’s ugly face.

Malik Dilawar’s heart once again inclined towards Bakhtawar when he complains to her for not trusting him with her reality to which Bakhtawar says that she has done that because she fears losing her trust in him. Malik Dilawar asks her that did she fear losing him as well on which she becomes speechless. He seems smitten by Bakhatwar. Bakhatawar admits that his support is a very important part of her life journey.

The best part of the play is that Bakhtawar also acknowledges Ahad’s role in her life journey. Not just that she stands against the misogyny and rights of oppressed women like her, but she also appreciates good people in her life. Bakhatwar on-screen appreciates Inspector Mohsin, his role in her struggles and also that he has restored her faith that good people are even present in Police Department. Bakhtawar is now all set to fight for justice for Noora at all costs.

Malik Dilawar also comes to know through SP Mohsin that Hooriya is behind the slander campaign on social media against Bakhtawar and also she is having security threats from Hooriya. Malik Dilawar has become averse to Hooriya and one thing for sure is that he is not going to marry her. Noora despite having so much pressure from her father to stay silent chooses to speak up for her justice. She says that she is with her friend Bakhtoo. We wonder how is this play going to end. With whom is Bakhtawar going to end? Malik Dilawar or Ahad?

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