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Balaa Episode 17 &18 Review: Nigar is now at war with her own father

The total control of the house is now in Nigar's hands


The double episodes of one of the most intense yet interesting drama serial Balaa went on air yesterday. The plot of the play is very artfully and brilliantly written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah that the story does not seems dragged for a single moment and it is so engaging that we are hooked till the end. Brilliant performances lace the episodes, where Ushna Shah leads from the front and Bilal Abbas and Sajid Hasan impress. The director of the play Badar Mehmood ensures he brings the best to screen for the audience with Balaa, and he’s quite successful in doing so. 

The episode begins when Taimur’s mother herself goes to Nigar’s house. She is too good and too naive to be believed as a real person. Although Samina Peerzada has out done this character with her brilliant performance but at some points one wonders how can a human being be so selfless and good to those who are treating her so badly. For instance her apologetic yet humble attitude towards Nigar’s father and Nigar herself bothers us at times. It seems like Taimur’s mother is a soft target for Nigar to practice her manipulative skills and she’s doing so with full force.


Nigar is being unreasonably mad at her own father and in turn gets a tight slap from him when she misbehaves and ignores his calling. It was a super shock for Nigar as she has never seen this side of her father. She is almost shattered on her father’s behavior but then Taimur comes as a savior as his mother insists him to bring Nigar back and Taimur is doing that by killing his own ego. Nigar has made her mind that she is now at war with her own father!


Nigar catches Batool chatting with her lover, she interrupts her and tries to be sweet with her and eventually win her heart. Poor Batool pours all her heart and secrets to her, being unaware of the deadly consequences.

Nigar’s father wants Nigar to sign on some papers as she has joint accounts with her father. Nigar thinks of biting back her father so she keeps the file and makes an excuse to the person that she is not feeling well and she is also cutting her father’s call. Meanwhile Nigar gets pregnant and also takes the total charge of the house. She has started locking the kitchen cabinets too. Taimur’s mother has fully realized Nigar’s nature but now she is helpless. Taimur’s changed attitude with his mother and sisters is too beyond comprehension as it is not going well with his character. Being a reasonable person he should have asked his wife to take some household responsibilities with her sisters instead of ordering her sisters to take care of his wife and even to serve her food in her room.


Zafar goes to Nigar’s place apparently to congratulate her on her pregnancy but he actually wants to talk to her. He blackmails Nigar that she has to do her three tasks including to sign the cheques and joint accounts papers and to marry off Batool with Junaid, otherwise he will tell Taimur all her reality and that Taimur will divorce her as a consequence. Now this has trapped Nigar because she has found herself cornered and we wait to see what will happen to her next.

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