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Balaa Episode 19 & 20 Review: Nigar succeeds in brainwashing Taimur

Nigar has ruined Batool 's image in her brother's eyes


One of the most interesting and full of intrigues play. Balaa has on aired its double episodes yesterday. The latest happenings in the drama revolve around the further mastermind planning of Nigar and how successfully she has captured Taimur’s mind. This intense tale of intrigue and helplessness, the clash between good and evil is very artfully penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and brilliantly directed by Badar Mehmood. Ushna Shah, Bilal Abbas, Samina Peerzada and Sajid Hassan have delivered amazing performances and continue to impress with each episode.

Taimur’s mother has realized that Nigar has fully taken the charge of the house and her life is going to be in shambles.She fears for her daughters’ futures and wants to marry them off as soon as possible. She shares her fear with Saleha but then a huge drama takes place which turns Shama’s life upside down. Nigar wrongly accuses the maid for stealing, the maid backfires and calls her a Balaa! Nigar cashes this scene plus her pregnancy and creates a story that maid has insulted her and chachi jaan made her do all the cleaning of the house in this condition.


Although Nigar’s father is now averse of her, but he aids her in this evil plan and he takes her to the hospital and also tell fake stories to Lady Dr and requests her to recommend Nigar complete bed rest in front of her daughter’s husband. Lady Doctor snubs Taimur for ill treating his wife. Taimur is now furious and the image of her mother shatters in his eyes. He loses his cool and shouts on his mother for the first time. It is a great shock for his mother and his behavior has scarred her soul.


Nigar, being an actual Balaa, cashes the most of the whole situation, she has indeed played her cards very well and now she is after poor Batool. Batool being a simpleton pours all her love secrets to her bhabi Nigar and also that she is regularly seeing him. Poor Batool even tells her the name of the cafe. Nigaar tells Batool to meet Hamza and pressurize him to send a proposal otherwise her family will accept Junaid’s proposal. Here Nigar plays her card, she calls Taimur and tells him to bring her particular club sandwiches as she is badly craving for them and she also tells him the name of the restaurant.


Well Taimur’s reaction is natural as in his wildest dreams he has never thought of seeing her innocent sister in a stranger’s car sitting beside him having a sandwich, he did what angry brothers do for sake of family honor. He drags her into the car and snubs Hamza when he tries to interfere. He is extremely furious, he tries to hit Batool upon bringing her home but her mother gets in between and stops him. Taimur confronts his mother but she defends her daughter like a tigress. Taimur leaves them all shocked by his decision of marrying off Batool to Junaid as soon as possible. The whole image of Batool being an innocent and virtuous sister has been shattered in Taimur’s eyes. Taimur has lost his trust in his mother and sisters. Will he be able to regain it ?

Balaa continues to impress week after week. Stay tuned to ARY Digital to know how this story of hatred and deceit will progress.

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  • Not really sure how you can trust somebody again by being a misogynist. It is very disturbing that this drama, although it had a promising plot, reinforces the sick patriarch and misogynist culture by leaving women at the mercy of the men in their household. In this case Taimoor has suddenly gone from being the loving attentive Brother who was adamant about not marrying his sister Batool off to Junaid to draging Batool home, abusing her and forcing her to marry the same Junaid. He is violent and forceful. The love is gone. Trust does not mean that men own women and their Agency. Women are free to decide. If he was that insulted by his sisters innocent love and meeting at a cafe (OMG its like zina!!!) then he can disown her, not talk to her and leave her be. But forcing her to marry the man she fears and who is an alcoholic and whose previous wife died under mysterious circumstances? REALLY? Thats impressive? Thats brotherly love? It is also poignant seeing as Taimoor wanted to marry Saba (his choice) yet Batool can not marry her choice because she is female? These women raised him and loved him. And this is what he gives them back. It shows that men cant be trusted and their love is fickle and that their love is really dependent on controlling women. You cant control those you love. You must let them be free. Real men dont control women nor do their place their entire twisted idea of honour, izzat and ghairat on women. He should have left home if he couldnt approve. He had no business treating her like this.

    Shamma delivers an extremely apt and beautifully concise dialogue aimed at Taimoor (and all other misogynists) when she says that the honour of men or a family can not be put on the shoulders of women. Why are women supposed to carry this burden? It is just another way of legitimizing honour crimes and the Whole sick mentality that our country suffers from, namely that men own women. Women are not humans. They are objects. They are property. What kind of a message is that sending young female (and male) viewers who have impressionable minds?

    I was fine with the drama up until then. But then it just got misogynistic. Every drama has it. I cant think of an exception. Women are just poor submissive objects who can be moved around according to the wish of their male guardians. They have no free will, no rights, no control of their Hearts, mind or bodies, they are owned and controlled first by their fathers and brothers and then by their husbands.

    Such message are a disgrace when we pride ourselves on being land of the pure, an islamic republic. Allah gives women (and men) great rights and these dramas do unimaginable damage by not advocating such rights and instead showing women as opposite to Islam. And nobody seems to question this contradiction. We can never exit jahiliyah if we keep worshipping culture and man made traditions which serve only men.

    I long to see a drama where women are empowered without the help of men and independent. But still a long way to go when you have Ali Kazmi and Fahad Mustafa churning out misogynistic brainwashing dramas like this.

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