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Balaa Episode 35 & 36 Review: Taimur is resolute to take revenge from Nigar!

Another two episodes of drama serial Balaa on aired and the story has reached to its climax almost as this intense yet depressing episode of mother-son relationship and love has left tears in every viewer’s eyes. This tale of hate, obsession, jealousy and revenge is very artfully penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and brilliantly helmed by Badar Mehmood. Balaa has brought about very incredible performances, particularly the performances by the veteran actress Samina Peerzada and Bilal Abbas in these recent episodes were really commendable.

Well as we all were expecting that Nigar will not going to spare Shama, she does exactly that, and  eats up her mother in law too.  After the departure of the maid, Nigar gets the freedom to treat Shama the way she likes as there is no one to witness her ill behavior. Nigar insults Saba and she is not letting her enter into the house. She snubs Shama questioning her why she goes at Saba’s place every now and then. Shama in her shicked state of mind replies that she is my daughter in law, she is Taimur’s bride and when Nigar asks her who is she, Shama replies “Tum Balaa ho Balaa!” It literally burns Nigar and she loses her cool becoming the absolute Balaa, the witch.


Saba informs Taimur about Nigar’s behavior that she is not letting her come in the house. This makes Taimur extremely worried and angry, he calls Nigar and warns her not to repeat such behavior with Saba as she is the only person who very well takes care of her mother, further saying that he cannot trust Nigar anymore. Taimur’s words are enough to fuel Nigar’s wrath, she in a furious rage and goes to Shama’s room. Scaring the hell out of Shama, she forcefully cuts her hair off.  Shama is too scared she runs out of the house, walks on the roads, laughing and crying her heart out on her current situation.


Shama is roaming in the streets then she gets on a bus and later found in a very critical fainted state in the bus. The bus driver and conductor takes her to the hospital, where she is admitted but she is not able to speak. Well one wonders that when Taimur knows well about his wife then how come he left his mother in such a helpless state that too alone with Nigar!

Taimur on the other hand gets extremely worried when Saba informs him that no one is answering  the door bell. He calls Nigar and finds that she is at her father’s place. He asks about her mother in panic but he hears Nigar’s insensitive and careless remarks that her mother is habitual of leaving the house every now and then and that she cannot take care of his mother. Taimur immediately books the flight and returns home.

He visits Saba first and takes her to his house, despite of Nigar’s insulting her, Taimur warns Nigaar that if anything bad will happen to his mother he will make Nigar an example of misery. Taimur with Saba starts searching Shama in every possible place she could be. Eventually at a place Taimur’s heart signals him that his mother is somewhere here, he goes to the nearby hospital finds about her and get to know that she is no more in the world! Taimur is resolute that he will take revenge of his mother’s death from Nigar but in her way! He will ruin her like the way she has ruined his family.

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