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Balaa Episode 9 and 10 Review: Nigaar has played her cards well

Taimur and his family has seen Junaid in his drunk state

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Balaa has definitely kept us hooked since its first episode. The script is brilliantly penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and direction by Badar Mehmood brings across some fine performances from actors like Bilal Abbas and Ushna Shah. Ushna Shah has exhibited excellent performance as Nigaar in this play and brings across her A game.

The highlight of these episodes is that Nigaar has very artful captured Taimur’s heart and not only Taimur’s heart but his mother’s too. She has played her cards really well.

Although Taimur hated Nigaar, her act of actually caring for him and his family have captured his heart. Taimur is moved to think well of Nigaar.


While Nigaaris entirely selfish, Taimur on the other hand is shown as a gem of a person, thorough gentleman who loves his mother and sisters more than anything. He is moved  by Nigaar’s fake display of affection towards him and his family. Zafar Sahab brings Junaid’s proposal for Batool and with his usual proud attitude he is not ready to listen any objection. Batool is not happy with this proposal but her mother does not want to refuse this time. Taimur likes Junaid and thinks of him as a reasonable person but he does not want to make any decision against the will of his sister.


With Chachi Jaan’s assistance Nigaar is successful in making her place in Taimur’s heart. Taimur requests his mother to go to Taya Abbu’s place and ask for her proposal. Taimur’s mother is super happy to see that Taimur has made his mind for marriage. Taimur and family goes to Zafar Sahab’s place for proposal and surprisingly Zafar Sahab treats them really well.

Zafar also asks for Batool’s hand  in marriage for Junaid but the family discovers him in a drunken state.


The police arrives to arrest Junaid for aerial firing. However Taimur helps Zafar out but it is a huge embarrassment for Zafar and Nigaar. Nigaar is out of her mind when the  guests leave the place, she is shouting her lungs out, cursing Junaid and even ill wishing upon him

And now despite of Taimur’s mother insisting Taimur has made his made that no matter what happen he will not marry off his sister to Junaid and he has expressed his condition to Nigaar. Tune in to ARY Digital next Monday to find out what happens next in Balaa.

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