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Balaa Episode1 and 2 Review: Beginning of an intense story of passion and persistence

Penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by the maestro Badar Mehmood, we have Balaa replacing Beydardi on ARY Digital. The drama stars Ushna Shah and Bilal Abbas in the lead roles and while the prior stars in a negative character, we have a feeling, she’s going to be the centre of the story. For now, the first two episodes of Balaa seem as the beginning of an intense tale of passion, hatred,  betrayal  and persistence.

The drama begins with an introduction of Nigoo, a spoiled daughter of a rich father, crippled but extremely manipulative. The way she manipulates her family exhibits her own complexes which she carry deep with in herself. It seems Nigar is taking revenge from her imperfections from all the people around her. Nigar’s father Zafar is unfairly inclined towards his daughter and considers her  his lucky charm.


Junaid, Nigar’s brother is unfairly treated by his own father. The whole property is named after Nigaar, he is merely the custodian of it. Junaid married Zeba without the consent of his family and now Nigaar and her father are exploiting the couple for it and making their life a living hell. The scene where Nigar and Zeba were in front of the mirror and Nigaar is instructing her to put off her makeup and takes her earrings shows her insight, her sadistic, and cruel nature.


We are also introduced to another family, Nigaar’s chachi’s family. The dapper Bilal Abbas plays Taimoor and his lovely and happy family consists of his mother and sisters. The occasion is Taimoor’s sister’s engagement. Taimoor and his family try hard to entertain Nigaar’s family but  Nigaar and her father have tantrums that are never ending. However, in a turn of events Nigaar loses her heart to Taimoor and makes up her mind to marry him. On the other hand Taimoor seems smitten by Saba’s (a family’s friend’s daughter) beauty.


Zafar Sahab always fulfills his daughter’s demand so he  goes to Taimoor’s place to  talk about their marriage. But Taimoor’s mother has already fixed Taimoor and Saba’s Nikaah date. It makes Zafar furious and he humiliates Taimoor’s mother and threatens her that he will cut off them from whole family. Moreover he also offers that Junaid who is already married will marry Batool if Nigaar and Taimoor get married.  Although Taimoor straight forwardly refuses his offer and proposal, we have a feeling Nigaar is not the one to let go of things so easily.

For now, we have a solid start with superb acting by the leading cast. Bilal Abbas is definitely amazing as Taimoor and so is Ushna Shah, whom we feel has definitely matured as a performer over the years. Balaa seems interesting and yes, we’re getting back to the drama next Monday to know what’s it going to be about.

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