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Balaa Episodes 11 and 12 Review: Nigaar wants Taimur’s undivided love

How will Nigaar handle Taimur's devotion to his mother and sisters?

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Another double episodes of drama serial Balaa went on air yesterday and the story has taken some drastic turns ever since it started airing. Taimur has now married Nigaar and on his wedding night Taimur clearly tells Nigaar that his mother and his sisters are his lifelines. Where Nigaar wants Taimur’s undivided love and attention, we’re wondering how and what she will do to destroy this close knitted family.

The story is beautifully webbed by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, with very artfully crafted characters of Nigaar, Taimur and his mother. The play is well directed by Badar Mehmood, extracting some amazing performances, especially from his leads, Ushna and Bilal.

Taimur has made up his mind that whatever happens with him he won’t let Junaid marry Batool. He makes it clear to his mother  that no matter what happens he can not make his sister sacrifice her life  for  his own happiness. He puts this condition in front of Nigaar and Nigaar apparently accepts it.

Well it seems like Nigaar is not familiar with the word love, Taimur is more like a matter of ego and persistence for her. She is not loyal and honest to Taimur as she should be! And although she agrees to Taimur’s condition for now, she eventually plans to make the wedding happen.


Also, Zafar Sahab who apparently insults Taimur’s mother and his family deep inside admits that they are good people, extremely rare ones and that he truly trusts his sister in law’s upbringing and  wants Batool’s hand for Junaid as he thinks that no other family now will accept Junaid for his drinking habits. He convinces Nigaar for that and she assures her father that she will gradually makes this possible but for that he has to wait a little.


One day into the wedding and Nigaar is showing her true colors. She flares up when at the wedding night Taimur confesses to her that his mother and sisters are his lifelines and if she wants to win his heart, she first needs to win their hearts by accepting them as her own mother and  her own sisters.


Nigaar, who is unaware of the power of love, does not understand how Taimur and his mother are bonded and therefore tries her hands at creating a rift. For now she has failed miserably.

Ushna Shah as Nigar and Bilal Abbas as Taimur are absolutely amazing. Samina Peerzada as Taimur’s mother too has given a splendid performance. Watching Balaa is an experience because you find a drama moving from one scene to another without a drag and that’s what makes its interesting.


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