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Balaa Episodes 13 &14 Review: Nigar is succeeding in her plans!

Nigaar wants her husband's undivided love and care and she might just be getting so


Balaa is a strong story about pride, persistence, jealousy and obsession and has been very beautifully written by the writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah. To top it off, director Badar Mehmood brings his customary perfection to the drama and coupled with an A list cast, Balaa is a riveting tale. Each of Nigar’s traits are balanced by those of Taimur’s, never have we seen two wholesome characters who balance each other and the drama beautifully.

Nigaar has never loved anything or anybody except herself. She does not know about love, but possessiveness is her nature and she wants Taimur all for herself as well. She has set upon creating a rift between Taimur and his mother and is successful towards it. While Taimur sides with her, she thinks she has created a place for her in his heart. But little does she know about love.


True love has to be won, won by care and devotion and Nigar does not know anything about it. She has successful sown the seed of hates by tricking Taimur’s mother and making her unsure of her love for her own son.


On the other hand, Zafar is trying to convince Taimur’s mother for Batool’s hand. Junaid comes along and promises he will never touch alcohol again. Taimur’s mother is moved but she at least has the sense to say that Taimur will have the final word.


Batool who is interested in someone else, is trying her best to convince him to send over a proposal. On the other hand, Taimur receives a promotion and Nigar’s father all puts it upon Nigar’s luck in Taimur’s life.

For now, we have commendable performances by Ushna Shah and Bilal Abbas. Both the actors have tried to do something different from their usual characters and have been successful so far. Sajid Hasan again, is a charmer and so is Samina Peerzada. We are currently hooked to Balaa for its very unique storyline and eagerly await the next episode.


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