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Balaa Last episodes 39 and 40 Review: A very satisfying end as Taimur takes the perfect revenge!

The top trending intense drama serial Balaa which revolves around the notions of revenge and obsession finally ended on Monday. The play has been quite an intense watch for viewers as they absolutely hated Nigar and the end was just what they all desired to watch. A perfect satisfying end where Taimur takes the perfect revenge from Nigar! The plot was incredibly penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and brilliantly directed by Badar Mehmood. Bilal Abbas, Ushna Shah, Sajid Hassan and Asad Siddiqui gave their best of performances in the last episodes.

As planned Taimur is resolute to avenge his family in Nigar’s own style so he also developed the same strategy of deceit and fraud. He married Saba and with the help of Saba and maids he started torturing Nigar and succeeding in proving her a psycho in front of her father’s eyes so much so that he gets convinced and agrees for her treatment. Taimur makes Zafar believe that Nigar is thinking all negative in her mind against him and that she needs help. It seemed that karma hit Nigaar hard as besides Saba, both the maids  cooperated well with Taimur.


Taimur loved Saba and forgave her heartily. However marrying her makes him miss his family more as he had always dreamt of having her at home with his sisters teasing her as they both used to be her good friends. For the time being Taimur keeps his nikaah a secret but discloses it very smartly only to Nigar through the maid and cashed the most out of her stupid yet strong reaction so much so that even she herself started feeling that there was something wrong with her. Taimur haunted Nigar to an extent that she agreed to killing his mother and sisters realizing how he was intent to taking a revenge from her.


The intense scene is the one where Taimur had chained Nigaar. She had started hallucinating as she says that she is watching Chachi Jaan and Batool. She in a miserable state and in that extreme mental turmoil still remembers Taimur and that she still loves him and cannot share him with anybody. However, her condition only worsens and it is her father who suggests Taimur to have Nigar admitted in a mental hospital.


After taking the perfect revenge from Nigar, he goes to Zafar place where the lonely old man is crying. Taimur reminds him of his own mistakes how badly he raised his daughter and also that how he is responsible for her sins. He tells him how cruelly Nigar killed Suleha Appa. He tells him that he has taken his revenge and that all his money and property is now his property! Nigar has given him all rights and he also tells him that he actually married Saba and now she is going to rule his house! Taimur gives him the notice to leave the house as he had all legal rights to the house.

Another touching scene was when Zafar visited Junaid and told him what Taimur has done with him, he calmly reminded his dad of his sins.

The last two episodes were very satisfying to watch as Nigar  finally paid for all her sins, in the same manner she committed them all.

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