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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Episode 25 Review: Roshini is leveling up a base for herself

Bandhay Ek Dour Se is the play airing at GEO Entertainment which is light heart serial but full of positive messages, the best thing about this play is their life-like characters. In this episode, the story has moved a bit. Roshini is cleverly leveling up the base for herself in Omar’s family. She is trying to take good care of his parents and now she is all set to marry Omar.

In the previous episode, it felt like Omar’s parent’s injury will play a major role in reuniting Omar and Maheen and eventually will save her marriage but, no. Here it seems like this is going in favor of Roshini as she is trying her best to take care of Omar’s parents. However, Maheen fails to make her Tayee happy. Roshini is an extremely an evil character who is so selfish and mean.

Maheen’s brother Monis sees Roshini and Omar talking frankly together, he has sensed that there is something fishy. He discusses it with her mother and Maheen, he tries to investigate Maheen that why Roshini so frequently visits the hospital when she is not even there? His brother wants to know the truth but her mother stops Moonis from this investigation well one wonders why Maheen’s mother stops her son from asking such an important question.

Well, one thing I hate about Maheen is not visiting her Taya and stops seeing her Tayee. Before being her in-laws they are her blood relatives and it is her duty to take the best care of them. She should have kept taking care of her Tayee no matter she likes it or not, but now she has left taking care of her and one of the most disturbing facts is that she has not paid a single visit to her injured Taya. She is avoiding to face him.

Well, that clever evil Roshini is making the best of Maheen’s absence. She is trying to level up her base and make her image in front of Omar’s parents. She is taking good care of them so that they will like her and she is thinking that she has created a place in Omar’s mother’s heart. She tells Omar that it is the perfect time for him to talk about their marriage as she thinks that now she is all set to marry him. Well, she is mistaken by Omar’s mother likeness for her, liking or appreciating someone is different, and making her their daughter in law is entirely a different matter. Omar’s parents will never accept Omar marrying Maheen’s best friend like that.

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