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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Episode-27 Review: Maheen dares to confront Roshini

Bhanday Ek Dour Se the light heart drama serial running at GEO Entertainment is one of our favorite Prime Time Watch, although the story is a bit slow-paced, it is full of positive messages. Faiza Iftikhar has beautifully portrayed the family ties. The best thing about this episode is that Maheen (Ushana Shah) has stood up for herself and Omar (Ahsan Khan) and she dares to confront Roshini (Hina Altaf).

Maheen is been successful in winning back her Dadi and Tayee’s heart. She is taking the best care of Tayee, Najia Bhabi, and does all the household chores. Omar is the only person who is a little disturbed on her return otherwise everyone is happy. However, the vile Roshini is not getting slow she has made her mind that she will not let Roshini win.

Roshini goes to Maheen’s house to meet her as well as to pretend to be very caring in front of Omar’s mother. However, to Roshini’s surprise, she sees a different Maheen today, wise, brave, and daring. Maheen tells her that she is back to her home and also she will not go back as she knows about her lies. Roshini’s world turn upside down when she comes to know that Maheen knows her reality.

Roshini tries to cover her reality by admitting that she has committed a mistake by shedding few crocodile tears and saying that she has erred but she truly loves Omar. Maheen clearly tells her that she is not trustworthy for her anymore. She is not going to believe her ever. Maheen says that for her marriage is not everything, it may be one aspect of life but it is not everything. She comes back home because of the people who live here, her family and her friend Omar. This is for the very first time Roshini has seen such a daring side of Maheen. Maheen herself feels so good after saying these things to Roshini she no more feels herself like a doormat.

Omar in front of his father unintentionally admits that he has never accepted Maheen as her wife and that she is unloved. Omar’s father gets very worried and broken on hearing this, he has realized that he has wronged Omar by making him marry Maheen. He requests Mansoor that he and his wife Najia to sort out things between Omar and Maheen. One of the most surprising things is that Maheen’s Dadi finds Roshini a clever and over smart girl and she warns Maheen to beware of her friend.

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