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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Ep-5 Review: No relation is stronger than blood relations

Omar is not ready to believe what Maheen says about Roshini

Bandhay Ek Dour Se Ep-5 ReviewIn this episode No relation is stronger than blood relations | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

7th Sky Entertainment’s production Bandhay Ek Dour Se, the drama serial airing at Geo Entertainment is one refreshing play where we see a real depiction of family dynamics. This episode is all about family ties and it beautifully reflects that there is no relation stronger than blood relations. Ahsan Khan and Ushna Shah are giving brilliant performances but it is the supporting cast that makes this serial an interesting watch.

The episode begins when Monis visits Omar’s house to give his Tayee Maheen’s wedding card, but Tayee is so bitter that she snubs him for not bringing his mother along with him and she refuses to accept the card moreover she starts ill-wishing and cursing him which seems such bad taste that why she is being that rude with him? Well, Monis is really heartbroken because of his Tayee’s behavior, and in that bad mood on his way back he gets hit by a car.

Well, Monis accident scene reflects that no matter how many differences blood relations have but when there is any problem they are united. There is no relation stronger than blood relations in this world. Omar’s mother has really shaken when she hears about Monis accident, she starts praying for him and she is there helping the family. Omar is also helping his cousin and he arranges blood for Monis. Monis and Omar’s bonding seems strong.

Roshini is all set to live the life of her dreams she has completely forgotten Omar. She is ready to live with Nabeel’s family at his house and she is not realizing that she has to miss her best friend’s wedding. She clearly tells Maheen that Omar has to forget her as her family is interested in Nabeel’s proposal as she has all the rights to think about her better future. Well, it looks so inappropriate that Roshini’s mother sends her young daughter alone with a young boy who does not happen to be her close relative. Roshini is showing her true colors there as well. Well, Nabeel and her mother are not as enthusiastic or excited to see her as they should have, she receives a rather cold welcome by her aunt who does not want her to stay in the guest room.

Maheen is so worried about her poor cousin that she is wondering how she is going to give this news to him but when she tells him about Roshini’s taking great interest in Nabeel, he gets mad at Maheen accusing her of degrading Roshini in his eyes. Omar and Roshini certainly do not deserve such a pure and sincere friend. Poor Maheen apologizes to Omar when she certainly does not have to. When will Omar realize that Roshini is least interested in him and she is dreaming to marry Nabeel not him?

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