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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Episode-26 Review: Roshini’s lie is exposed to Maheen

Maheen comes back to Omar's house


GEO Entertainment’s 7th Sky Productions drama serial Bandhay Ek Dour Se comes up with another episode and this time with a satisfying one. One of the most pleasing parts is that there is no scene of Roshini in this episode and secondly Maheen gets to know about Roshini’s lie and she decides to save her marriage. Performances are brilliant as usual.

Maheen’s mother goes to meet Omar’s mother, she asks Maheen to come with her but she refuses to come. Omar’s dadi and his mother talk very rudely with her mother, they are not getting that why Maheen is treating them like that. Maheen’s mother is too embarrassed to talk. She congratulates Najia on her pregnancy but Omar’s mother again taunts her that she does not get time for rest as she has to look after her.

Roshini’s mother comes to meet Maheen and she starts lecturing Maheen for leaving her in-laws that she tells her that she is very lucky that she is married to a good family at her right age and during her counseling, she gives an example of Roshini that how she gets hurt when she gets rejected by Nabeel and her mother. This is for the first time Roshini’s lie is exposed in front of Maheen she comes to know that she is been fooled by that cunning Roshini.

Maheen makes up her mind to save her marriage now, she will not get exploited by that selfish Roshini anymore. She packs all her stuff and straight away goes back to her home, Omar’s home, shocking everyone in the house with her sudden arrival. Omar’s Dadi and mother are not talking with her but she is sure that she will  handle this. Omar is shocked and somehow disturbed to see her as he is planning to talk to his parents about his marriage with Roshini and now Maheen has spoiled all his plans.

Maheen visits her Taya at the hospital, she apologizes to him, crying her heart out. Her Taya whole heartily forgives her and Maheen is now guilt-free. She has made up her mind that she is going to save her marriage and also will mend her relationship with her in-laws. She is taking good care of her mother in law. Omar is getting irritated with her but Maheen tells her that she does not care what he thinks as she knows that she has no place in his life but she has all rights on his family and he cannot stop her from taking care of his family. Will Maheen ever be able to reveal the real face of Roshini in front of Omar?

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