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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Ep-20 Review: Roshini is playing her cards very smartly

Bandhay Ek Dour Se the drama serial airing at GEO Entertainment is getting quite serious, apart from the main love trio the play is also carrying some positive societal messages. Well in this episode the wicked and cunning Roshini plays a smart move and tells Omar that she is leaving him for good. Performances are on point, the best thing we like about this play is the supporting cast.

Roshini calls Omar to meet her. In this meeting she creates a great emotional drama by telling Omar that she feels guilty to meet him knowing that he is now married to her own best friend, shedding off some crocodile tears she says that she has decided that to leave him for good. For now, onwards she is not going to meet her as she does not want to ruin her best friend’s married life nor she wants to make him feel miserable. Well, quite a smart move.

Well, Roshini is so vile and heartless that she insults Maheen indirectly by saying that she is sacrificing her love for her and she is proud that she is not the one who has snatched someone’s love. Well, the irony is that in reality she is actually trying to snatch someone’s husband. She further tries to make her feel more guilty by saying that if she has been at her place she would have preferred to die rather to marry someone’s love. The motive behind all this is to evoke Maheen so that she will leave Omar.

Omar, on the other hand, is being the meanest person on earth, not for a single second, he is realizing how badly he is crushing Maheen’s feelings. Maheen is still being a doormat, she is letting Omar and Roshini hurt her the way they like. Why she is not taking any stand for herself? Roshini is worrying that if her trick will not work what she will do?

The sidetrack story  of Mansoor is also very intense. The tension and stress Mansoor feels on getting his test results, the way he is trying cover his anxiety, and then he asks his wife that what if the tests will come negative will she accept him? Mansoor’s wife’s reaction is also very natural she stops her husband from taking any tests but she is terribly disturbed with all this. Maheen on the other hand is deeply hurt she is throwing stuff in her room and crying her heart out. What will Maheen do? Will she leave Omar?

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