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Bandish 11 & 12 episodes Review: Sumbul is trying to involve Madeeha in her devilish practices

Another double episode of the spookiest drama serial in the running Bandish on aired. The troubles in Madeeha’s life seems never ending as Sumbul is after her, resolute to ruin her completely. The drama serial gives us chills down our spine like no other horror show. Very artfully penned down by Syed Nabeel and Shahid Nizami and brilliantly directed by Aabis Raza, Bandish not only highlights black magic and the societal evils but also brings about a certain type of entertainment as well. Marina Khan, Sajjid Hassan, Farah Shah, Hira Mani and Zubab Rana deliver wonderful performances in their respective characters.

Sumbul hounded Madeeha for money and she even partied with her friend Rukhsana by bribing her a hefty amount of money to advice Madeeha to sell her daughter’s jewellery. Madeeha in a very frightening manner goes to the locker and then Ruksana updates Sumbul that the jewellery has been taken from the locker. Sumbul informs Sandal and through Sandal, Junaid is informed that Madeeha is selling the jewellery. Junaid reaches on the spot and catches Madeeha red handed. Junaid is so mad at Madeeha that he is resolute to divorce Madeeha and also disown his daughters.


Sumbul is successful in completely ruining Madeeha’s marital life, Junaid hates her and is not even responding to her calls and messages. Now Sumbul is after Madeeha’s daughters and it seems her plan is to destrory them. She is now trying to involve Madeeha in her devilish practices. When Madeeha shares with her about Junaid getting back the jewellery, Sumbul asks for to do a task which helpless Madeeha agrees to perform. She asks her to put a puppet inside a shrine and place it near the head of the grave! Madeeha sense something fishy; she has a feeling that it is not right and  she refuses to accomplish the task but then Sumbul reminds her that she cannot back off.


Well it seems like Sumbul is now after Hania. In the last episodes it is shown that Hania finds marks on her body she shares it with Hamza. Hamza along with his father tries to figure out what is going with them. Izhar tells Hamza that a devilish Jinn is trying to possess Hania’s body and this kind of Jinn is used in black magic practices. Hamza is resolute to help Hania and for that he is ready to do anything. Moreover the demon evoked inside Madeeha and she tries to choke Hania to death. Sania and Aleena timely intervened and saves Hania from her.


Hania gets the same fits which Sania had earlier and she is hospitalized. She is in deep comma. Dr Abiyan coincidentally finds Madeeha and Sania at hospital, inquires what are they doing there on which Sania shares with him all the situation, which Abiyan finds strange and it is quite similar with what Sania has gone through in the past. Junaid is not picking his call as he is busy having a quality time with his pregnant wife. Madeeha feels that she is helpless as she has to do that given task, but her conscience is forbidding her to perform this task and this mental turmoil exhausts her to the extents that she collapsed on the stairs of the shrine. Well Sumbul is not happy that her given task has not been completed.

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