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Bandish Episode 3 and 4 review: Sumbul is making Madeeha’s life hell!

When it comes to raising important societal evils and issues, ARY always outdoes eveyrbody by coming up with quality plays which properly highlight the prevailing evils and issues of our society. 

The newest drama serial Bandish is such a play which depicts the evils of black magic, a very prominent phenomenon prevailing in our society. It shows how somebody out of jealousy and hatred can use black magic with intentions of destroying other’s lives. The script is written by Syed Nabeel & Shahid Nizami and the drama, starring Marina Khan, Farah Shah, Zubab Rana and Hira Mani has been well directed by Aabis Raza.

The episode begins when Madeeha’s eldest daughter Sania’s proposal comes and right in the front of the guests and the boy, Sania gets a very strange sort of fit which apparently seems like epilepsy, but is a result of some black magic spell which has been cast on the entire family by Sumbul.  Madeeha is extremely worried as Sania never had such kind of fit before and also because the proposal is called off.


Junaid, Sonia’s father is completely unaware of the whole situation. He is busy in performing his second Nikkah! Yes he is too under the spell of black magic because a loyal and caring husband like him has turned into such kind of careless person. For Junaid, his family and daughter was always his first priority but now he is ignoring his family. Despite knowing that people are coming to see Sania he goes for his second marriage to Sandal by lying that he will be out of station to Madeeha. Well it is also shown that Sandal is a planted woman who comes in Junaid’s life with bad intentions as Sumbul is backing her and according to Sumbul’s plans she is going to make Sandal snatch Junaid from his family.


Well strange paranormal activities have been witnessed in the home especially  Madeeha’s  youngest daughter Aleena, faces weird and scary activities around the house. Later they all witnessed some sort of paranormal activities in the house but poor Aleena experiences such a horrific scene alone at her room which scares the hell out of her and the girl falls ill. In one of the scenes where Junaid sees a resemblance of Aleena with a flower girl reflects that his heart still beats for his family but currently he is under the spell of black magic.


Hania and her affiliation with the neighboring house seems sweet, she frequently visits her friend’s place and her friend’s handsome brother is in love with her. In fact both are head over heels in love with each other but will the black magic affect their beautiful relationship as well? Fatima’s father gives Hania and her daughter an amulet for their protection. Will that amulet keep Hania safe from the evils of Black magic?


Well Sania’s condition deteriorates and she gets hospitalized and there she meets Dr Abiyan and they have a light conversation. it seems that this little conversation has touched both. Sumbul is still after the family casting spells over and over and Sania gets under the spell so much so that she almost dies but relives when Dr Abiyan gives him shocks. Dr Abiyan is shocked to witness such miracle. Well when he mentions this to her mother and her mother’s light reaction over such serious incident seems really strange! Hania gives her amulet to Sania, but will this amulet save her is what we need to see now.

Bandish brings about an interesting yet a horrifying storyline. The scenes are well done and rather interesting and keep the viewers hooked.

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