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Bandish Episodes 21 & 22 Review: Sumbul holds Sania prisoner

The double episodes of drama serial Bandish on aired yesterday. The play is highlighting a very common phenomenon of black magic practices prevailing in our society and has depicted the miseries and sufferings of a family who get under the spell and are absolutely destroyed. We must say that this drama brings about some solid performances by veterans such as Farah Shah, Sajid Hassan and Marina Khan. Although engaging, we’d really like Bandish to start moving on a bit with its story.

In the last episodes it is shown that Sumbul’s practices have become so powerful that it is nearly impossible to defeat those powers.

Poor Sania thought of Sumbul’s den as the place where her problems will eventually get solved but little did she know about Sumbul. Sumbul has taken her phone and asked her not to enter in her den where she does her magic spells. However, while Sumbul was away, Sania enters her den and there she gets the piece of her dupatta and her father’s old pic and lots more which makes her think. Well one wonders why she has not make this out before as all the walls of the dens are full of Satanic symbols and anyone can easily find out in an instant that it is not a spiritual place.


Sumbul is furious on knowing Sania went into her room. She shamelessly and openly confesses in front of Sania that she practices black magic and she is resolute to ruin her mother’s life because she want to avenge her insult and the pain of refusal. She further tells Sania that how with the help of her she has killed Izhaar Sahab. Sania is super shocked and disgusted, she tries to confront Sumbul but she, using her powers, literally chokes her to death.


Although we felt otherwise, it is shown that Sumbul has abducted Sania and imprisoned her in her den. Sumbul now wants to use her daughter to blackmail Madeeha to place her puppet in the shrine. Madeeha clearly rejects her offer by saying that she does not want to get involve in any Satanic practice. Well Abiyaan traces Sania’s number and they asks police to raid on Sumbul’s den, police after being bit reluctant raids Sumbul’s place.


Sania screams for help while the police investigates Sumbul’s place but her magic powers come into work here as well and they’re not able to find her at all. Sania is lost for now and everybody else is at a loss.

Will Madeeha ever be able to find a way out. What will happen next? We want Bandish to pick up some pace and give us something to hang onto soon. We’re losing interest fast.

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