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Bandish Episodes 9 and 10 Review: Madeeha is leading evil to her house herself

The double episodes of one of the most spooky drama serial in the running Bandish on aired yesterday, the drama moves around the evils of black magic very artfully penned down by Syed Nabeel and Shahid Nizami and brilliantly directed by Aabis Raza. Marina Khan, Sajjid Hassan and Farah Shah have given best of their performances in this play while Zubab and Hira Mani convince with their styles. 

In the end of the previous episode we came to know that Madeeha in helpless state finally reaches Sumbul’s den and tells her all about her miseries not knowing that she is sharing it to the person who has actually brought them in her life.

Sumbul shamelessly demands a hefty amount of money from Madeeha, it seems so ironical that she is asking Madeeha for money to ruin her own house. Poor Madeeha is so helpless that she cannot even arrange the money. Sumbul hands her a bottle of water, some amulets and threads along with lemons. The filth will only make things worse for Madeeha.


Poor Madeeha religiously follows all instructions given by Sumbul, Sania notices that the house smells strangely when Madeeha is sprinkling water on the walls of the house. Well things do not get changed but worse. Dr Abiyaan and his mothers visit their house and her mother show great interest in Sania and approves her but the very next day she visits again with her sister in law and behaves so oddly in front of all she says that Sania studied in co-education so she might be having some affairs with the boys. She says that under the influence of the spell but this is suffice to ruin this chance of this prospect.


Another change happens with Hania, Madeeha sees her eating sweets so wildly like a beast in kitchen at night and then she gets faint, and the night before Madeeha sees a dream of choking Hania to death with her own hands.

With the amulets that Sumbul has given Madeeha to wear, everyone around the house is feeling heavier and under pressure. It seems poor Madeeha is actually helping Sumbul in ruining her and her daughter’s lives and she is unknowingly inviting all evil deities to her own house.

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